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Owen Wilson’s Bob Ross-inspired look revealed in First Paint Movie Image

The first still of Owen Wilson as Carl Nargle, the Bob Ross-inspired television painter, was released ahead of next year’s independent comedy Paint.

The first image of Owen Wilson as the Bob Ross-esque television painter in the independent comedy colour was revealed. The film, slated for release next year, is written and directed by Brit McAdams and will be his directorial debut. Wilson was last seen in Marry me alongside Jennifer Lopez and as TVA agent Mobius in Disney+ Loki. Bob Ross has his own history with television – the painter hosted his own PBS show, The joy of paintingfor 11 years from 1983 to 1994.


Now, veteran comedy actor Owen Wilson is channeling Ross’ signature perm in the first commercial still for colour. The image posted on Twitter by IFC films, features Wilson in the lead role of Carl Nargle, Vermont’s leading public television painter. Not only does Nargle carry the brush, palette, and canvas of his trade, but he also holds a large billiard whistle between his teeth while looking at the camera, a nod to the film’s tongue-in-cheek nature. Check out the image below:

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Everything we know colour

Owen Wilson in the dining car of The Darjeeling Limited

colour was written and directed by McAdams, his first project in the director’s chair since his 2006 documentary triviatown (co-directed with Patrick Cady), has since spent most of his career on television. The screenplay spent a considerable amount of time circulating in Hollywood circles, including being featured on The Black List – the annual poll of the most popular screenplays not yet in production – in 2010. Wilson himself has rarely strayed far from the comforts of comedy-entertainment throughout his career, but the role of Nargle seems like an uncharacteristically direct imitation of a beloved American cultural icon. In the film, Nargle struggles to stay on top after a thirty-year career as his channel introduces a younger, better artist. The film also stars Wendi McLendon-Covey (bridesmaids, The Goldbergs) and Stephen Root (office space, Go out).

Satires of the famous host of The joy of painting have peppered the pop culture landscape in the decades since. Out of family Guy to Dead Pool‘Ross’ famously quiet and cheerful demeanor has been reimagined to have more short-tempered, substance-abusing dimensions. How Wilson’s portrayal of Carl Nargle will contrast with previous riffs on his real-life inspiration remains to be seen, but the cast alone is very promising. Not only considering his immense comedic experience, but also the fact that Wilson’s voice itself is known for having a similarly whispery quality.

Planned release on April 28, 2023, colour appears to be continuing a current trend of comedy whose main appeal is being both self-satirical and self-aware. Earlier this year, Nicolas Cage starred as Nic Cage in TThe unbearable weight of massive talent, a film that explicitly and resolutely poked fun at the career of its own lead actor and turned to the internet meme culture of which Cage was such a persistent trait. More recently, the Daniel Radcliffe lead role Strange: The Al Jankovic Story was released, a deliberate parody not only of its own subject matter but of the biopic genre more broadly. The success of both, and how well colour next year could be a clue to the future development of high-profile Hollywood comedy.

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Source: IFC films

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