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Overton community pool raises funds for major renovations

Lordsfield Swimming Club is leading the crowdfunding to improve the Overton community pool at Court Drove.

According to the club, the pool is due for a major refurbishment to keep it operational for the next 25 years.

The club is aiming to raise at least £55,000 through crowdfunding.

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Kit Malthouse MP visited the pool last week to highlight the crowdfunding efforts.

Following his visit, Mr Malthouse said: “It was great meeting the team at the community pool in Overton. It’s a fantastic asset to the community, and they’re raising funds to refurbish and improve the pool – literally keeping Overton afloat. Please spare some money if you can for a good cause.”

Founded in 1963, Lordsfield Swimming Club are hoping as part of a larger project to replace the pool liner which is showing some small tears and leaks.

The club said that without the investment, the pool would close in the next few years.

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A spokesman said: “Replacing a new pool liner costs around £35,000 – we don’t have a tiled pool, instead we have a vinyl liner which will last around 20 years. The pool liner replacement is part of a larger pool refurbishment project planned for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 closed winter seasons to minimize the impact on our opening.

“The project will be a big undertaking for our members and the community. We currently have £85,000 in our reserves earmarked for the whole project. The money was raised through membership dues, fundraising events, and donations from individuals and from local businesses such as the Editorial Office, as well as grants from the local council, district council, and other organizations.

“We continue to apply for grants and run events to achieve our larger goal and we have now expanded our original goal to £55,000 to help us achieve this broader goal with your help.”

You can access the crowdfunding campaign at: crowdfunder.co.uk/p/keep-overton-swimming

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