Warning: spoilers ahead!

People watched Our fatherNetflix’s disturbing true-crime documentary — and viewers have some thoughts.

The documentary begins with Jacoba Ballard, a 35-year-old from Indiana. Ballard knew she was conceived using donor sperm, so she decided to take a genealogical DNA test to see if she had any half-siblings.

She didn’t expect to uncover a decades-old crime that would result in her finding more half-siblings than she anticipated.

It turned out that her mother’s fertility doctor, Donald Cline, had used his sperm to get his patients pregnant without their consent.

The documentary follows a leaked draft that revealed the US Supreme Court had voted to keep Roe v. Wade, a 1973 ruling allowing women to legally have an abortion.

And the viewers are unnerved by the topicality of the documentary.

And because of DNA kits, more and more people are discovering doctors like Cline. According to the documentary report, there are currently 43 other doctors who have been found to have used their own sperm to fertilize their patients.

Thanks to mothers and siblings, illegal donor insemination has been illegal in Indiana since 2018; However, there is currently no federal law protecting other women.

“I’m not denying that there was sexual abuse, but legally there is simply no crime touching on this particular act,” said Tim Delaney, a former Marion County, Indiana, state attorney.

Ballard continues to fight for justice for herself, her siblings, and other women. And despite pleas and threats from Cline, she refuses to back down.

“He wants me to keep quiet, but I will never back down,” Ballard said. “I will fight to uncover all your secrets.”

Because of Cline, Ballard and her siblings find themselves in the impossible position of having to be the bearers of bad news.

“Anytime a new sibling comes along, I know I’m going to call them, and I know I’m going to ruin their life,” Ballard said.

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