On the Instagram profiles of the cast of Snowflake Mountain on Netflix

Yes, they really do live an extremely luxurious and fun lifestyle

Netflix just dropped Snowflake Mountain, a reality show where young people are deprived of their luxuries and home comforts and are definitely not allowed anywhere near their Instagram profiles.

The cast of Snowflake Mountain is a bunch of young people who are all pretty much alike – they enjoy being spoiled, never like being told no, and most of them live at home and rely on theirs Parents. But what do their Instagram accounts say about them? Actually pretty much the same. Think of feeds full of nights out, vacations, and luxury living.

Here are all of the Instagram accounts associated with the cast of Snowflake Mountain on Netflix.


Name: @devbabydied

The Instagram accounts of the cast of Snowflake Mountain on Netflix

via Instagram

19-year-old Devon is a self-confessed party girl, and her Instagram shows it. Her feed has literally all of her photos, with captions like “club nights” and “let’s take a bend.” She currently has almost 2,000 followers.


Name: @jesusxsolomon

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Solomon has 700 Instagram followers and his profile says he does faith-based life coaching. Living off his wealthy parents, Solomon is usually “leisure-focused”. His parents wanted him to pursue a career in law, but he wants to be an influencer.


Name: @liambr3wn

The Instagram accounts of the cast of Snowflake Mountain on Netflix

via Instagram

I’m sorry, but I just love Liam. He’s a dramatic icon and that’s what I’m here for. His Instagram profile is pretty much everything you would expect, in every single photo he has a big smile on his face and looks like he’s really alive. He also has pictures of him hanging out with Love Island stars Paige and Finn, Dani Dyer, Liberty Poole and Geordie Shore’s Olivia Bowen and Charlotte Crosby! He’s a big deal on Insta sharing that he’s collaborating with InTheStyle and has 14.3k followers!


Name: @beau.dee_

via Instagram

If you thought Deandra was some kind of icon on the show, you must go to her Insta now. It’s all Vibey outfit pics, bottomless brunches and her having fun. Where do I sign up to become Deandra’s bestie? Her main account has just over 4,000 followers and she also has an account for makeup and one for her dog.


Name: @raeconniejane

via Instagram

Rae joins the Snowflake Mountain cast as someone who relies heavily on their parents and always spends the money — and to be fair, her Instagram shows it. Cocktails, holidays, dinners and events seem to be a regular occurrence. Rae has 3.3k followers.


Name: @sunnymalicc

The Instagram accounts of the cast of Snowflake Mountain on Netflix

via Instagram

Sunny’s Instagram is way cooler but funnier, and he throws a lot of sarcastic shadows on the show’s title. He has annotated some of the images of the co-cast with “Snowflake smh” and his bio reads, “Noir Arthouse Reality Series Cast of the Decade: Snowflake Mountain! super sexy show!! :)” He also has some pictures of him dressed as a gorilla with a sign that says “Watch Snowflake Mountain,” which is fair. Sunny has almost 2,000 followers.


Name: @randy_wentworth

via Instagram

Randy once went to a prestigious college for a pre-med course, but he dropped out. Now he wants to be a professional wrestler and is currently working in his parents’ business – but they still pay him all the bills. His Instagram bio states that he is “THE 💰Boujee Brawler🥊 🤼‍♂️Pro Wrestler”. He is listed as a Public Figure and has 1.2k followers.


Name: @carllariviere1

The Instagram accounts of the cast of Snowflake Mountain on Netflix

via Instagram

Carl’s Instagram shares a lot of his modeling work — including shoots with Hollister and magazines. His bio states that he is signed to Verge Models and at the moment Carl has 2.7k followers.


Name: @babefromthesun

via Instagram

Remind me next time I need some outfit inspo to get straight to Darriea’s Insta – it’s art. She has 1.6k followers and her bio reads, “Welcome to my world 🌱🧚🏾‍♂️ undeniable air sign ♊️🦋 looking for pleasure 🌺”. Before the show, Darriea said she was a free spirit and that’s why she quit her last job and now has no income of her own.


Name: @olivialagaly

The Instagram accounts of the cast of Snowflake Mountain on Netflix

via Instagram

She hasn’t exactly taken Snowflake Mountain well, but Olivia’s Instagram shows she’s FUN. She’s smiling with her buddies in pretty much every picture, and everything’s colorful. I can really understand why she was first described as a Disney princess who loves everything pink and fluffy. She has 1.3k followers and her bio reads, “I like meditating on Mondays and margaritas on Fridays ✨”.

Snowflake Mountain is now available on Netflix. For the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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