Margot Robbie remains the lead actor for Warner Bros. as she is set to star and produce in a new Ocean’s Eleven film set in 1960’s England.

Warner Bros. keeps rolling the dice Ocean’s Eleven once more and this time Margot has brought Robbie on board. Originally a 1960 film titled ocean 11 Featuring Rat Pack members such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop, the franchise received a remake in 2001 in the form of Ocean’s Eleven by director Steven Soderberg. Ocean’s Eleven starred George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, Andy Garcia and many more and became a box office hit, grossing $450 million worldwide.

Warner Bros. made two sequels in 2004 Ocean’s Twelve and 2007 Ocean’s Thirteen. After an 11-year hiatus, Warner Bros. brought back the franchise with an all-female spin-off film titled ocean 8 starring Sandra Bullock as the sister of George Clooney’s Danny Ocean and starring Cate Blanchette, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kailing, Helena Bonham Carter, Awkafina, Rihanna and Sarah Paulson. ocean 8 was a box office hit, outperforming both Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen at the local box office. Despite the film’s success, there was never talk of a possible sequel.


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Corresponding THRWarner Bros. is now developing a new one Ocean’s Eleven Movie but not a sequel ocean 8. Robbie is set to star and produce a new film Ocean’s Eleven franchise with Austin Powers Franchise director Jay Roach at the helm. Robbie previously worked with Roach on the 2019 film bomb. The screenplay will be penned by Carrie Solomon, and while plot details are still under wraps, the film is said to be a historical play set in 1960s Europe and production is targeting a spring 2023 start.

The Oceans Eleven troupe on the movie poster.

The 1960s setting suggests the film is a prequel to the George Clooney-led film series, although initial reporting is unclear as to whether there is a connection between the two series or if this is intended as a full-fledged reboot. The ’60s setting also ties back to the franchise’s roots, as the original film was released in 1960, which may indicate some connections to this installment. Nor does it rule out the possibility ocean 9as Sandra Bullock has said, the cast remains interested in returning.

Robbie lands the lead role in the upcoming Ocean’s Eleven Project is just one of many high profile Warner Bros. projects she is involved with. In addition to playing the role of Harley Quinn in DCEU, she will also star as Barbie in the studio’s upcoming film based on the popular toy, due out on July 21, 2023. This is also the second major franchise franchise Robbie is set to take on as Disney develops a new one Pirates of the Caribbean Film starring Robbie and substituting for franchise star Johnny Depp. Where the new Ocean’s Eleven Whether the film will fit into Robbie’s busy schedule remains to be seen, but her star seems only to be rising.

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