Oak Canyon Equestrian Center in California catches fire, killing horses

Oak Canyon Equestrian Center, a barn in Santa Clarita, California, is mourning the loss of two of its horses after an electrical fire ravaged its building last week.

Flames twenty feet high spread across the area where horses were kept, killing Malone, a palomino quarter horse, and Rocky, a black Thoroughbred, according to a GoFundMe campaign launched by the equestrian center in the Newhall community of Santa Clarita in California was called to life.

The January 17 fire also injured three other horses, who are receiving medical treatment.

“Today was brutal. It was the first time in 30 years that I didn’t want to go into the barn,” co-owner Carrie Treadway wrote in a Facebook post the day after the incident.

Carrie is said to co-own the business with her mother The signal.

She explained in a separate Facebook post that the fire started around 4am in the stable’s tack room. Her neighbor Sean stumbled upon it during an early drive to work and woke Treadway’s parents to try to rescue the horses.

“They managed to empty the barn in less than 10 minutes and firefighters were there shortly afterwards and quickly put out the fire,” Carrie wrote.

It was too late to save World Series rappelling champion Malone and Rocky, who were closest to where the fire originated, she said.

“This will haunt me for the rest of my life and I’m so sorry we couldn’t get to you soon enough,” she wrote while recalling Malone and Rocky in the post. “You’re taking a piece of my heart to heaven. We love you guys so much. My heart aches for their owners and I just keep praying for comfort for them through everything that is going on right now.”

Oak Canyon Equestrian Center remembered Malone as “an invaluable teammate to his owner” on its GoFundMe page.

Known as “Little Melons,” Malone was a “good horse” with a heart of gold and the fluffiest ears, according to the fundraising page, who taught so many young riders how to rope.

Rocky “was a beautiful thoroughbred black who left behind his best friend Tykes and owners John and Stephanie Blair,” the center shared.

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According to the barn fundraiser, all donations “will be used to repair the damage to the structure of the barn, pay vet bills for the injured horses, buy new tack and stable supplies, and do what we can to fill in the gaps created.” “. the horses.

The fire also caused the loss of “expensive equipment, essential supplies and personal effects,” including items belonging to youth drivers and longtime members of the barn community, according to GoFundMe.

“Also, much of the structure of the barn was destroyed and needs to be rebuilt to ensure the remaining horses can safely live inside,” they said.

More than $32,000 of the $100,000 goal had been raised by Wednesday night.

“This is a barn family and community that has been struck by the most unimaginable tragedy and must now be rebuilt, salvaged and remembered for the lost,” reads GoFundMe. “We appreciate any help you can give us so Oak Canyon can continue to be a welcoming place where riders of all ages and abilities can fulfill their riding dreams, and a safe home for the horses we all love and maintain.”


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