NZ viewers can drop Netflix as a cost of living and then come back

Despite the pressure on the cost of living, many people will likely continue to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney Plus, they’ll just become more strategic, says one analyst.

Netflix lost more viewers than it gained between January and March for the first time in more than a decade. In order to increase sales, one would try to offer a cheaper package with advertising.

“Netflix has said in the past that they will never go through the advertising channel, and this was a big turnaround for them this quarter,” said Jeremy Ward, global equities analyst at Jarden.

Disney also planned to introduce advertising, but the move risked turning viewers off, he said. “Suddenly you get very close to normal television.”

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Another hurdle for Netflix has been its plan to curb password sharing, which has fueled subscriber growth.

The future looked more flexible, Ward said.

In order to increase sales, Netflix is ​​trying to offer a cheaper package with advertising.


In order to increase sales, Netflix is ​​trying to offer a cheaper package with advertising.

“I definitely think there will be more options.

“And the other trend that we might see is that people are hacking and changing a little bit more. What we could see was people opting out of Netflix for a few months, signing up for Disney Plus for a few months, and then signing up for Apple TV after that.”


“The most prominent streaming service offers the largest selection of TV shows and movies, with many original productions,” according to MoneyHub’s guide to streaming services in New Zealand.

Price: From $11.99 for 1 screen with low resolution to $21.99 for four screens and top video quality.

Highlights: Lincoln’s Attorney, Anatomy of a Scandal, Heartstopper, Russian Doll, Line of Duty.


“Not only the place to view Disney’s entire film and TV catalogue, but also Marvel and National Geographic, Star Wars and Pixar content,” says MoneyHub.

Pricing: From $12.99 per month on a monthly plan to $129.99 per year on an annual plan.

Highlights: This Is Us, Moon Knight, Better Things, Abbott Elementary.

Amazon Prime

“Great selection of TV shows, not so great selection of movies. Their catalog of original productions continues to grow and over the past few months has released award-winning content for both television and film,” said MoneyHub.

Price: $8 per month.

Highlights: 1883, A Very British Scandal, Conversations with Friends, Doctor Who.


According to MoneyHub, Apple has “an approach that puts quality over quantity”.

Price: $8.99 per month

Highlights: Dune, Top Gun, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Sonic the Hedgehog 2.


According to MoneyHub, Neon has HBO, Sky and BBC productions, blockbuster and indie films, as well as family favourites.

Price: $15.99 per month on monthly plan, $159.99 per year on yearly plan.

Highlights: The Staircase, This Way Up, We Own This City, Adventure Time.

In New Zealand, Disney Plus offered 2,327 titles, according to, Neon had 1,538, Netflix offered 4,674 titles, Amazon had 10,316, and Apple TV eclipsed the rest with 20,230 shows and movies.

Disney added 7.9 million new subscribers to its Disney Plus streaming service, coinciding with Netflix’s shock loss of 200,000. At the end of the first quarter, Netflix had 222 million subscribers worldwide, Prime Video had 152 million, and Disney Plus had 138 million.

All streaming companies still had deep pockets and continued to spend heavily on the production of shows and films. A focus on specific content for different markets could mean we see more New Zealand shows as a result, Ward said.

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