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Make an impression at Virginia Tech! Applications for the Undergraduate Student Senate are open from January 23rd to February 23rd. 28. Open positions include president, one of five vice presidents, college senators, and senators in general. Specific responsibilities of each role can be found here.

Established in 2021, the Undergraduate Student Senate at Virginia Tech aims to increase accessibility, accessibility and representation for the student body. Successful candidates represent Virginia Tech students’ goals to positively impact their campus.

The Undergraduate Student Senate is responsible for making decisions about funding for clubs and organizations during the academic year. USS also created the Hokie Effect Program, which designs and sells Spirit shirts for football and basketball games. These shirts promote school spirit but also aim to support funding for student athletic initiatives and the Student Emergency Fund. Known for serving at both the state and federal levels, members of the USS meet with lawmakers in Washington DC and Richmond each year.

Eligible candidates must:

  1. Be enrolled as a full-time student at Virginia Tech and have a good academic record.
  2. Do not take active sanctions in violation of the Virginia Tech Code of Ethics or Student Code of Conduct.

Students applying for cabinet member positions must attend an information session and one-on-one interview with an advisory team before submitting their application. Separate information events are held for senatorial offices.

Information events will take place on:

  • Cabinet briefing meeting 1 February 4pm to 5pm Squires Rm 342
  • Senator briefing February 8th 6:30pm to 7:30pm Squires Rm 300
  • Cabinet briefing meeting 9 February 19:00-20:00 Squires Rm 217
  • Senator briefing February 16 5pm-6pm Squires Rm 300
  • Cabinet briefing, 20 February 2:00-3:00 p.m. Squires Rm 217

After the application deadline, candidates will run from March 13th to 26th and participate in the candidate debates on March 21st. Students can vote for their preferred candidate from March 20-26, with winners announced on March 28. Information and applications are available on the election website.

Questions about elections can be sent to [email protected]

Apply today to make a difference.


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