Director Robert Eggers continues shooting the film Nosferatu and now has very interesting news.

Robert Eggers began attracting attention with films such as The Witch (2015), The Lighthouse (2019) and The Northman (2022). Now he will shoot a version of the film Nosferatu, which is over 100 years old and directed by FW Murnau in 1922.

Official summary:

“Nosferatu by Robert Eggers is a Gothic tale of obsession between a persecuted young woman in 19th-century Germany and the ancient Transylvanian vampire who pursues her and brings untold terror with him.”

So far it hasn’t revealed much, although it appears to be set in the same era as the original.


It stars Nicholas Hoult as Thomas Hutter, Emma Corrin as Anna Harding, Lily-Rose Depp as Ellen Hutter and Ralph Ineson as Doctor Wilhelm Sievers. They have also recently been joined by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Willem Dafoe, Bill SkarsgÄrd and Simon McBurney in undisclosed roles.

As a curiosity, Nicholas Hoult will premiere the film Renfield (2023), in which he plays Dracula’s servant (Nicolas Cage). Also, Willem Dafoe starred in Shadow of the Vampire (2000), which follows the making of the original Nosferatu film.

Willem Dafoe in Shadow of the Vampires

Willem Dafoe in Shadow of the Vampires


Nosferatu logo


What will the film be about?

Attention SPOILERS. 1922’s Nosferatu begins with the revelation that the plague is coming to Wisborg. Then a real estate agent sends his young partner Thomas Hutter to Transylvania to sell a dilapidated mansion to Count Orlok. Once there, Thomas is alerted by the locals as they are very afraid of the count, but he ignores it as he wants to sign the deal. Arrived in the dark castle, his host behaves really suspiciously. In fact, he even sucks her blood at night, but Thomas thinks it was the mosquitoes. When the Count sees a portrait of Ellen, the young man’s wife, he signs the purchase contract for the house and hurries to Wisborg.

There, Count Orlok spreads the plague, which claims many victims. At that moment, Thomas arrives in Wisborg with a book that reveals many facts about vampires. Her wife realizes that a woman with a pure heart can give her blood to put an end to this monstrous being so that she can distract herself by drinking and forget about the crowing of the cock. So she devises a plan and sacrifices herself to let the orlok suck her blood until dawn, causing her to burn up in smoke. That’s why Ellen dies, but that’s how she ends the plague.

We don’t know if Robert Egger’s version of Nosferatu will be the same. But I am sure that he will take many elements from the original. Film available for free on YouTube which you can see below.


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