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Norway’s ETERNITY set release date for new SOULSELLER album and unveil first track “Journey Towards the Darkside” – Metal Planet Music

Soulseller Records announces July 7th as the international release date for Norway’s highly anticipated third album eternity, mouth murder.

eternity is the fire that burns in the blackest night, a gateway to enlightenment through blacklight illumination: timeless true Norwegian black metal for all time….

eternityThe beginnings of date back to the 90’s and black metal’s golden age when the flames of burning churches lit up the northern skies and echoed around the world.

The death of Euronymous had far-reaching consequences for the creation of eternity and their founder and frontman Evighet, who was in a band with Blasphemer at the time. When Blasphemer was asked to join Mayhem, Evighet took his riffs and ideas and formed his own band – eternity. During all this time, the name, symbols and basic philosophy have remained the same.

After a few years in Oslo he played in various acts with Blasphemer, Apollyon, Tristan and others, not least later eternity With members J.Röe and T.Ødegaard, Evighet decided to leave the city’s sickening splendor behind and embrace the purity of the Norwegian mountains.

In years of self-imposed exile, much of what is essential remains eternity was created today. Two demos were recorded between 2001 and 2005 and the work culminated in the album Bringer of the Fall in 2006. A record deal with Soulseller Records was finally secured, and a few years later it finally happened eternity formed as a band.

Merger with T. Ødegaard (Nocturnal Breed, Ekrom) and J.Röe (Old Man’s Child, Nattefrost), eternity began rehearsing the stuff that would matter To become the big beast and entered the studio at the end of 2016.

With Blasphemer on bass for the recording and Brynjard Tristan (Dimmu Borgir) visiting to record additional vocals, the combined energy and shared history of those involved allowed them to create something truly special and timeless. After three years of hard work and dedication, To become the big beast was finally ready to be let go.

The satanic masterpiece To become the big beast was released by soul Reaper on Friday, September 13, 2019, to great critical acclaim. Meanwhile, V. Fineidet (Den Saakaldte, Sovereign) had taken over as bassist and the band was complete. Playing live now is an option eternity took to the stage and played gigs all over Norway with bands like Mork and Dødheimsgard.

Just when things were looking good, the world closed. Existing plans for an EP to keep the momentum going were quickly shelved in favor of creating the next full-length album, as the material that would eventually become mouth murder took on a will and a life of its own. Another three years of hard work and dedication followed.

After the soul-seeking horrors of Big beastthe original intent was to create something lighter and less harrowing, but with tyrannical lockdowns, people staring anxiously at each other from behind masks, and war looming and the world’s slow descent into global conflict, mouth murder soon found a will of his own and a voice of his own.

From the seductive temptation of the uncanny in opener Journey Towards the Darkside to the mighty war horns signaling the end of days in the closing doomsday epic The Seventh Seal, to tales of the plague, black magic and battles with addiction and… auto-destructive urges – all under the looming specter of nuclear war – mouth murder is a multi-faceted primal scream about the state of the world today and a broken mirror of the pain of living through such times.

Employed for a period of three years mouth murder became the album it needed to be to give the band strength and hope to get through the days of darkness. This is the first eternity Having taken album form as the band worked as a collective, it helped them stay sane in a world gone mad.

mouth murder means killing the world, and the cover artwork features human arms holding weapons and growing out of the planet.

This represents a double potential future outcome. Humanity is on a cusp. In contrast to the seemingly inevitable destruction of our species and its homeworld, there is hope that we can yet fulfill our potential and the evolutionary imperatives of the planet that gave birth to us. If we work with Earth itself, we could usher in a glorious age of interstellar travel, colonizing the galaxy and killing other worlds in place of our own.

In a time of media overload, when the propaganda bombardment is incessant and the veil of Maya seems thicker and more impenetrable than ever, in a world of lost hope, where religion is dead and we only believe in our sinful path to self must -destruction and the impermanence and inevitable end of all things, In these dark Orwellian times when war is peace and truth is treason, the only glimmer of hope seems to be the faintly glowing torch of the Lightbringer, waving to us from behind the veil with promises of a different future for humanity and its planet. With mouth murder, eternity hold that torch high and proud!

In the meantime, listen to the brand new track “Journey Towards the Darkside” HERE at soul ReaperThe official YouTube channel of .

Pre-order information for the world can be found here HERE while pre-order information for America can be found HERE.

Cover artwork courtesy of Maggotmeister of All Things Rotten and track listing is as follows:

Track listing for Mundicide by Eternity (Norway).

  1. Journey to the dark side
  2. Under the eyes of the king
  3. mouth murder
  4. anthem
  5. gunmetal heaven
  6. Pest! Frykten i den others øye
  7. O Discordia
  8. The seventh seal



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