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Pokemon scarlet And Pokemon Violet are still very controversial. The games launched in November 2022 and were plagued by performance issues and glitches. Despite all that, the games sold over 10 million copies worldwide in just three days, in what was the franchise’s biggest launch weekend to date!

I remember Nintendo stating on social media about a week after launch that there were issues with the game and sending out a patch that helped with some of the issues. However, it sounds like more fixes could be in store.

In a recent interview with Financial Post, Susan Pennefather, General Manager of Nintendo of Canada, apologized for the Scarlet and Violet mess and said improvements were coming. When asked what Nintendo learned about the horrible launch, Pennefather said:

You know, we sincerely apologize. Because it’s so important to give players a positive experience with our games, and when they don’t, we take that very seriously. What I can say is that player feedback has been taken very, very seriously. And we’re working on improving these games.

I hope we get these fixes soon. I gave the game a 6 out of 10 in my review and I stand by that. However, I’ve since finished the game’s story and Pokedex, and it’s one of the funnest Pokemon Games I’ve played over the past few years. If you can get past the many bugs, there’s a really fun game in there. What do you think of how Nintendo actually expressed itself? Scarlet fever And Violet? When do you think we can expect these improvements?


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