Nintendo has directed many of the most iconic video game franchises of all time, from the lovable worlds of Super Mario Bros. to the fantasy adventures in The Legend of Zelda. Nonetheless, the company stood behind many other franchises that, for one reason or another, have remained fairly dormant over the last decade of video game releases.

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While some of Nintendo’s biggest series have upcoming releases, such as Pikmin 4 or an untitled new one Metroid Prime game, these series currently have no planned future. Given that they appeal to many fans and have made a huge impact on gaming history, it’s only fair that they get another chance. These are among Nintendo’s most deserving series to be revived.



10 child Icarus

Pit flies with claw weapons in rebellion

child Icarus was a forgotten Nintendo classic for years until Pit was added Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Luckily, the character and franchise got a revival on the 3DS Kid Icarus: Uprisingwhich Masahiro Sakurai directed after the production of brawlwhich became one of the best-selling titles on the system after its release in 2012.

New life has been breathed into the franchise with many new characters based on characters from Greek mythology. Many characters and sets were later introduced in later releases by Sakurai Super Smash Bros series, but no sequel is in the works. Hopefully Sakurai’s hints at a Switch port will stick with the series in players’ minds.

9 Rhythm Heaven

Wrestlers and reporters at Rhythm Heaven

at one point, Rhythm Heaven was one of Nintendo’s most promising franchises after its worldwide release on the DS in 2008 made it one of the best-selling games of the year. The series got two sequels, one of which was the compilation Rhythm Heaven Megamix on the 3DS. There were even rumors of one Rhythm Heaven join character Super Smash Bros.

However, Rhythm Heaven has had a quiet few years since the release of its 3DS entry. Although the game’s producer has expressed interest in developing more Rhythm Heaven No progress has been made in games, leaving fans of the franchise with dwindling hopes. Maybe one day the rhythm game franchise will start again!

8th F zero

A race that starts in F-Zero Climax

Captain Falcon is one of Nintendo’s most recognizable characters thanks to his appearances in all of them Super Smash Bros. Title. However, its origin is that F zero Series, hasn’t had a new release since the Japan-only GameBoy Advance title F-zero climax. Unfortunately, the success of the series can be tempered by the incredible success of Nintendo’s other racing franchises.

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To this day it is Mario Kart Series is alive and well. Self Mario Kart 8 deluxe, a re-release of the Wii U title that originally debuted in 2014, continues to receive DLC updates with new characters and levels. It’s a tough competitor to compete with, but fans of it Super Smash Bros. would certainly welcome a revival of Captain Falcon’s own series.

7 duck hunting

Duck hunt dog laughs

duck hunting was originally released in arcades in 1984 before being ported to the NES and becoming a notable game compatible with the NES Zapper. Despite having a very annoying laughing dog, it has nonetheless remained iconic for its innovation in gaming technology. This dog finally made it Super Smash Bros., become a playable character.

Nevertheless, the primitiveness of duck hunting With only one entry from over thirty years ago, it’s ideal for a reboot like child Icarus. Nintendo could possibly reinterpret duck hunting as a third-person shooter, although it’s possible its real-world hunting basis could draw criticism. Still, for longtime Nintendo fans, it would be a leap into the past.

6 star fox

An Arwing flies in Star Fox Zero

The last star fox title was not long ago with star fox zero released for the Wii U in 2016. The game was panned by critics for its unintuitive controls and rewarming star fox Storylines that predate Star fox 64. Before that the last original star fox title was Star Fox command for the original Nintendo DS in 2006.

Given the variety of characters in the star fox Series, as well as titles like Star Fox attackTo shake up the typical gameplay formula, the series could use a new entry on the Switch. In fact, after the misfire, it probably deserves a brand new game star fox zeropotentially giving the series a chance to redeem itself in the eyes of fans.

5 Punch out!!

Little Mac faces Mr. Sandman in Punch-Out

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! remains one of the most iconic NES titles, even earning its own Easter egg in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Aside from the obvious inclusions in super smash bros, The punch out Franchise hasn’t had a new entry since 2009, with the new and improved Punch out!! for Nintendo Wii.

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Given that players seemed to be enjoying the new Punch out!! that Nintendo launched in 2009, they could copy the same formula for a whole new series. Just by introducing new characters and controls, it could be an easy and probably worthwhile outlay from Nintendo. Nevertheless, punch out has been criticized in the past for depicting other cultures.

4 Mother

Lucas and others gathered at a tomb in Mother 3

earthbound was a sleeper hit for Nintendo, succeeding the Japan-only Mother with an RPG that parodies American culture with a rather strange marketing campaign. This unfortunately led to the game’s GameBoy Advance successor, mother 3only seen a Japanese release in 2006, which Nintendo fans have been clamoring to localize ever since.

Although Nintendo has a chance to give fans what they want by putting it mother 3 There’s an even better option in Nintendo Switch Online’s GameBoy Advance library. By officially making a fourth Mother Game created by Nintendo and not fans, they could revitalize the franchise and give many die-hard Nintendo fans what they have been waiting for.

3 Golden Sun

Isaac jumps onto platforms in Golden Sun Dark Dawn

Golden Sun wasn’t as popular an RPG as some other Nintendo franchises such as fire sign. However, it was a common series on GameBoy Advance and DS in the 2000s and sold decently, at least for the first two entries. his last entry Golden Sun: Dark Dawnwas released over a decade ago and unfortunately undersold in all markets.

Nevertheless, Nintendo has prevailed with other RPGs, such as reviving a near-dead fire sign with Fire Emblem: Awakeningfor the 3DS. If the development is cheap enough, hopefully they will see the benefit of similar treatment Golden Sun someday. Perhaps protagonist Isaac could even go from assist trophy to fighter smash bros.

2 Custom Robo

Two robots fight in the Custom Robo Arena

It is true that elements of Custom Robo See Nintendo’s other properties like franchises Pokemonor even like third parties Yo-Kai clock. Nothing compares to the series, however, which saw players assemble robot soldiers to fight other characters over five games in the early 2000s.

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It wasn’t until Custom Robo: Battle Revolution that the series saw a simple title western release Custom Robo. His successor, Custom robo arena, also saw a worldwide release in 2007, but nothing since. Given how different the Pokemon The franchise has evolved since then, maybe Nintendo could use it Custom Robo as a launch pad for a classic type of RPG.

1 Nintendo country

Aerial view of Nintendo Land

Most Nintendo Wii U owners are familiar with it Nintendo country as the system’s original pack title, containing several mini-games based on various Nintendo properties. The mini-games range from Nintendo’s most popular franchises, such as Super Mario Bros. And The Legend of Zeldato lesser known like The mysterious Murasame Castle or balloon fight.

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch didn’t come with a boxed game, although a sequel to it Nintendo country would have been the perfect introduction to showcasing the different playstyles of the Switch. If rumors of an updated Nintendo Switch are true, perhaps Nintendo will finally make a sequel Nintendo country as a fun way to show how different it is.

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