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Nickelodeon is putting Rubble & Crew to work this February

Fan-favorite Rubble of Paw Patrol is getting its own spin-off this February!

It’s rough, it’s tough and it’s almost ready to rumble! The expected new series, debris and crewis ready to go live on February 3rd. The show is a spin-off of the Nickelodeon smash hit, PAW patrol! A clip of the new series featuring Rubble’s family team can be viewed below, as well as a synopsis.

In Nickelodeon’s brand new preschool animated series, Rubble & Crew, which premieres Friday, February 3 at 11:30 am ET/PT, Rubble doubles up in high-stakes adventures. Produced by Spin Master Entertainment, the PAW Patrol Spinoff follows fan-favorite character Rubble and his family of puppies as they use their awesome construction vehicles to build and repair whatever the town of Builder Cove needs.

Debris & Crew is the next step in Nickelodeon’s massive PAW Patrol franchise. premiered in 2013, PAW patrol follows the titular team of emergency pups as they use their skills and teamwork to save the citizens of Adventure Bay. Each pup is based on a different profession, such as B. Police, Firefighter, Water Rescue and more. The team is led by Ryder, the 10-year-old genius who trained the pups and developed their unique technology!


Since his big debut PAW patrol has aired in over a hundred countries and is still going strong; is currently in its ninth season and was renewed for a tenth early last year. 2021, PAW Patrol: The Movie made its theatrical and streaming debut, becoming a box office success and grossing $144 million worldwide.

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Rubble in a double pack!

Debris & Crew
Debris & Crew

Rubble was introduced from the start PAW patrol, but its origin is particularly special. The episode “Pups Get a Rubble” reveals that the little bulldog is the youngest member of the crew. The episode follows the team as they rescue Rubble from a tree and make him part of the team. While the episode doesn’t delve too deeply into Rubble’s past, it looks like we’re going to get some answers in this new series!

The first episode of Debris & Crew will be released on February 3rd and is titled The Crew Builds a Bridge. In the episode, we follow Rubble’s colorful family as they prepare to build a bridge. But when the villainous Speed ​​Master tries to change those plans, Rubble and his family change course to save the day. Speed ​​master is an old enemy of PAW patrol.

These pups just won’t quit, not with a show still going and a spinoff poised to premiere. There’s also a second film on the way, PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, which is scheduled for release in October 2023. The film aims to bring back a mix of old and new voice actors. With all these announcements, it looks like the sky is the limit for Nickelodeon and its main cast.

debris and crew is designed for 26 episodes and airs regularly on Fridays at 11:30 a.m [ET/PT] on Nickelodeon.


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