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New Pokémon look too much like Digimon

Recent Pokémon games have added monsters that resemble Digimon. It might be time to look back at the franchise’s past designs for inspiration.

At this point there are almost a thousand Pokemon today, and that’s not counting the different regional forms. Pokemon has moved away from traditional animal and plant forms for a few generations, and some of the new designs are becoming increasingly complex. In fact, some designs are getting close to the point where they look more like Digimon than Pokémon – and it’s not just their looks that are similar.

Digimon was one of the first Pokemon– likes to happen, and it’s been quite successful, even with some Pokemon fans. The similarities were obvious; Each series had monsters paired with children, and the creatures could evolve and fight. Most Digimon designs were more complex, and when they digitize they often gain armor or metal parts – much like certain Legendaries in the upcoming games Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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With its jet engine legs and robotic arms, Miraidon is more machine than Pokémon. While there’s some debate as to whether his partner Koraidon walks in drive mode or has tires, it’s harder to argue the same for Miraidon, who lacks hind legs. Even some of its functions look digital. Koraidon also has a very complex appearance, similar to a Digitation form. It could fit into the digital world as a second or third form. There are others with similar styles like Croconaw, Giratina, Haxorus, and humanoid starter evolutions like Blaziken. Pokemon may come first, but the game’s more recent designs lean heavily on it Digimon while moving further away from the original style of the series.

Pokemon also borrowed another feature originally specific to Digimon: temporary developments or forms. Digimon can evolve multiple times, acquiring new, more powerful forms and special attacks. However, this digitization is only temporary. Maintaining digitization requires a lot of energy, so Digimon will revert to their original form after some time. This is very similar to the forms of Mega Evolutions and Dynamax. Both allow Pokémon to temporarily assume a more powerful form, changing their appearance and making their moves more powerful. scarlet and violetThe newly revealed Terastal forms of function similarly.

While a franchise as old as Pokemon gotta keep things fresh, it’s odd that Game Freak seems to be borrowing heavily from one of its oldest rivals. Pokémon designs are moving away from their cute rounded shapes and intense-looking birds in favor of more Digimon-like creatures. It might be time to go back to basics with simpler designs and more variants than adding Digimon Pokemon World.

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