New Netflix horror ‘Don’t Listen’ has been hailed as a ‘Spanish version of The Conjuring’

A Spanish horror film has been giving people goosebumps since it recently landed on Netflix, with some branding it a new version of The incantation.

Voices – or do not listen in English – made viewers’ blood run cold with its terrifying jumpscares and eerie plot, so much so that subscribers were warned not to watch it alone.

The 2020 Spanish horror and supernatural thriller directed by Ángel Gómez Hernández has won two awards from the Asociación de Escritores Cinematográficos de Andalucía (ASECAN) for Best First Feature and Best Make-Up and Hairstyle.

Check out the trailer (if you can take it):

The story revolves around Daniel and Sara, who moved into their dreamy new home with their nine-year-old son Eric, unaware that the neighbors are ominously calling it the “House of Voices”. Yes, that’s a no from me.

On the way forward, Eric is the first to notice strange voices behind the door, which are later heard by his father.

After the family’s life turns into a living nightmare, they decide to seek the help of a famous paranormal expert, Germán, and his daughter, Ruth.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Fans have taken to social media to warn other viewers about the strip, and one wrote on Twitter: “Tip: don’t watch alone! So scary but GOOD!”

Another said: “Don’t listen to Netflix = very very good horror/suspense.”

Meanwhile, someone else wrote: “So I just scared the shit out of bed before going to bed and watching #DontListen on Netflix – like a Spanish version of The incantation! Really good and worth watching,” while another added, “Wow! This movie is VERY scary! I love it!!!!”

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Ángel Gómez Hernández, the film’s director, to ReachExtra The do not listen is the “movie I always dreamed of making my debut as a film director”.

He said: “It’s the kind of film I’ve always dreamed of debuting as a film director, because of the story, because of the script, because of the crew, because it’s a horror film with no complexes…

“If they had told me 15 years ago that it would be my debut, I would have signed it without a doubt.”

Speaking about the behind-the-scenes look, Hernández said: “For a few days we were scared that we would have to shoot scenes, but in the end we managed to arrive on time: we just finished filming the day before lockdown. And of course I’m very happy that I made it, that I was able to finish it and that I released it like this.”

do not listen now streaming on Netflix.


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