New Lego racing game is reportedly in closed beta

Based on a claim by podcaster Shpeshal_Nick on XboxEra, word is circulating that the previously reported LEGO racing game is rumored to be called LEGO 2K Drive and is currently in closed beta.

Last year, VGC reported that LEGO was set to partner with Take-Two publishing division 2K for a series of LEGO sports games, one of which was an open-world racing title rumored to be released later this year. This recent XboxEra report would back up that claim, as a playable beta usually means a game is relatively close to release with nine months left until the year.


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Insider Gaming later confirmed the XboxEra claim, confirming that it also understands the game’s title as LEGO 2K Drive and that the closed beta is currently ongoing.

According to VGC, the Lego racing game is in development at Visual Concepts, 2K’s own California-based team that has long held the reins of the hit NBA 2K series and most recently also took over the WWE 2K series. The studio has seemingly continued to add more to its platter and is now reportedly managing three different sports series (if that LEGO racing game becomes a series, that is).

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Details about the game are still quite rare. The original VGC review described it simply as an open-world racing game, but Shpeshal_Nick elaborated on the idea a little further, stating that he understands there are closed-circuit races that you might get to by crossing open areas traversed. He also described it as a “kart racer,” suggesting it could have more arcade-like elements, a la Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing.

That would make sense; Pure realistic racing physics is often left over for games with realistic graphics as they try to simulate real driving. Meanwhile, games with more cartoonish graphics, which this rumored Lego game would no doubt have, often take advantage of their unrealistic nature to add crazier gameplay elements like usable items, boosts, and forgiving physics.

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