‘New Favorite Golfer’: Golf fans rave about the PGA Tour Pro’s heartwarming gesture

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Tom Kim, a 20-year-old gamer, doesn’t get scared as often as he used to. Kim has officially been playing since he was 15 years old. He became a full-time member of the PGA Tour by winning two tournaments at the end of last year’s season, and he’s quickly made friends with top players like Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth and others Max Homa.

Aspiring golfer Tom Kim made a lasting impression on the crowd at the 2023 Wells Fargo Championship. He showed his devotion to his fans and his love for the game by returning to the dressing room to retrieve some of his hats to present to the fans.

The aspiring PGA Tour pro is making a statement to his fans


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When Kim made the hasty decision to stop by the dressing room to grab some of his hat, viewers were spoiled. Fans were delighted to receive one of Tom’s stylish hats, which he often wears during games, as a souvenir of the championship.

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Kim’s action shows his commitment to his followers and his gratitude for their support. Fans rarely have the opportunity to meet their favorite athletes, let alone receive a gift from them.

The caps that tom kim The distribution served as both a thank you and a way for backers to bond more closely with the team and its members. While the treats were only given out to those in attendance at Quail Hollow Golf Course, online fans also had their say.

Golf world reacts to Kim’s gesture

Fans were happy to have the chance to get a hat from Kim and they said so on social media. Many of Kim’s fans shared pictures of themselves wearing the hats and thanking him for being so nice. Some fans even said that Kim’s kindness and sportsmanship made them want to be his fans for life.

A fan wrote on Twitter,New Favorite Golfer!!!!!

Another fan added a comment on Twitter, love this guy. That’s what it’s all about.

Atta boy, Tom Kim! mentioned a fan on Twitter.

Another fan responded, What a guy!!!!

a fan tweeted, I love that!


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Another fan wrote on Twitter,I enjoyed him giving the hats to the most respectful kids.

Kim’s action underscores the value of sports fan involvement. Players like Kim are aware that their success on the pitch depends not only on their talent and hard work, but also on the support of their fans. Building a loyal fanbase and developing a positive reputation for yourself as a player requires interacting with the public and expressing gratitude for their support.


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What do you think of Tom Kim’s gesture to his fans? Share your views in the comments box.

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