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New details on why Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson split despite great chemistry

As unlikely as Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson seemed as a couple early in their relationship, fans quickly got on board. The attraction between the two seemed absolutely magnetic when the news broke Kim and Pete split after nine months, we wondered what could possibly have happened? A source has provided some new insight into the breakup, and as many have suspected, it apparently had nothing to do with a lack of personal chemistry.

While it appeared Kim Kardashian’s recent trip to Australia was going to be full of sexy time with her boyfriend — given that racy comment Kardashian made to her team ahead of trip Down Under – Turns out the couple had had some really serious talks about their future. According to a source from hollywood life:

While she was in Australia, as much as they had a great time, they also had some very deep conversations that ultimately led them to break up. There were a lot of things stacked against her. There’s still a huge attraction between them and a strong bond, so it’s not like it ended badly, but at this point Kim seems clear it’s over.

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