Dallas welcomes another new theater company as The Table Co/lab announces its inaugural season.

Founded by Caroline Rivera, Chris Sanders and Sarah Powell, The Table Co\lab is designed, supported and directed by women-identifying, non-binary people and seeks to uplift underrepresented voices.

“We believe that theater shouldn’t just reflect its community, it should serve it,” says Powell.

It starts with a scenic reading Beyond perfectionwith book, music and lyrics by Kenady Sean, music and lyrics by Emily Horton and book and lyrics by Kaylee Killingsworth.

The story begins in 2036, and the United States is no longer united. Madame President invites everyone to the Empire formerly known as New York State. She has invented 20-20 pairs of glasses that will allow you to live in your own ideal world.

Chandler, a reporter, seeks asylum in Texas and becomes the face of the New Broadway Media Initiative. Ryan and Kate are the first to test marriage shareware.

Everything seems fine until Ryan finds Central Park. In the park, characters lose perfection, but there they gain everything else. Madame President, desperate to keep the peace, constantly upgrades the technology to maintain her control. The battle rages on as Ryan and Chandler challenge everyone to live Beyond Perfection.

Directed by Rachel Klein and music by Rebecca Lowrey, it will be performed for one night only on September 11, 2022 at the Hop and Sting Brewery in Grapevine.

The Danger Year is next, with book, music and lyrics by Georgia Stitt.

There is a cultural belief in Japan called yakudoshi, which states that certain years of your life (corresponding to your age) are destined to bring bad luck, upheaval and rebirth. These age groups are 19, 25, 33, 37 and 42.

The Danger Year follows five characters at that exact age through transformational moments in their lives as they confront the choices they’ve made, the relationships they’ve built (or destroyed), and the connections they seek but don’t always know how to protect them.

It will take place October 7-16, 2022 at Arts Mission Oak Cliff.

The season will conclude in January 2023, also at Arts Mission Oak Cliff, with a new play festival titled Tales from the end of the rainbow. These new works by local playwrights celebrate the BIPOC Queer experience.

“Our artistic direction each season puts people at the helm who can steer the ship of untold stories,” says Powell. “We try to shed light on those who are usually kept in the dark: the forgotten, the oppressed, the silenced.”

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