Netflix faces flak again after the release of Zoya Akhtar’s Wake Content.The Archis‘Follower. While one section of the internet has criticized the show for “nepotism,” another accuses it of “misrepresenting” Indian children and “falsifying” 20th-century Western culture. It is a known fact that the OTT giant’s customer base dropped by 2,00,000 subscribers from January to March. Notable figures, including Tesla owner Elon Musk, have previously dubbed the OTT platform for its “woke content,” which some find provocative.

Now, The Archis The trailer, starring star children Khushi Kapoor, Agastya Nanda and Suhana Khan and others, has drawn similar criticism from netizens.

call netizens ‘The Archies’ for misrepresenting Indian children

A Twitter user after seeing the first look poster of The Archis asked in which decade Indian children dressed up as in the photo. The user then claimed Netflix commissioned a project that seems unrelatable to the majority of viewers. The user wrote: “In what part of India and what decade did teenagers dress up like this. Netflix commissions most shows for 50 bright friends of their executives.

Another accused the creators of making Indian children look “white”. “Aside from the nepotism debate, I’m more concerned that they tried to make a group of Indian kids look white,” the user said. Noting the similar issue with changing skin tone, another articulated, “Ridiculous to see Indians faking western culture from the 1900s lol..stop this propaganda spreading unnecessary western culture”.

Amidst the flood of social media users disappointed with the portrayal of Western culture, one tweetati asked if the creators were “disconnected” from Indian culture. The user shared, “I just saw an ad from ‘The Archies’ by Zoya Akhtar with a handful of star kids dressed up as Europeans, how far from your country do you have to be to make movies like that?”

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What is Netflix’s “wake content” problem?

In the recent past, the OTT giant has been attacked by internet users for its content, be it the objectification of women as Viking warriors or the racist portrayal of white people. Netflix lost about 2,00,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022, causing its shares to plummet 25%. The streaming service predicted another loss of two million subscribers in April-June while resolving the issue.

Image: Twitter/@NetflixIndia

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