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Netflix’s Snowflake Mountain: 5 things to know about the reality show about spoiled ‘kidults’

Always known for surprising its subscribers with the best creatively conceived content in multiple languages, Netflix is ​​bringing a whole new and unconventional breed of reality show titled Snowflake Mountain. Watching the trailer, we can say that this real-life survival will indeed be very difficult for the group of rich and spoiled Bratty Kidults aged 20-26.

If you loved binge-watching reality shows on Netflix like The Big Shot Game Show, Swap Shop, and Twentysomethings: Austin, then you’re going to love watching this adventurous and entertaining reality show, Snowflake see Berg’ based on survival.


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When will Snowflake Mountain be released and where can you see it?

Survival-based reality show Snowflake Mountain will be released worldwide on Netflix on June 22, 2022 at 3:01 am EST.

What is “Snowflake Mountain” about?

Just like the show’s name, Snowflake Mountain is a fun and warm-hearted reality show. The show takes in a group of 10 rich and spoiled kidults between the ages of 20 and 26. These children have been served everything on a silver platter since birth, but they don’t live their lives like normal people. They are all then placed in wilderness survival quarters devoid of any modern conveniences and given a grueling crash course in how to live life like a normal adult. This struggle for survival on the show serves as a reality check for how these kidults have been spoiled their entire lives.

The official synopsis reads: “Snowflake Mountain is a funny, warm-hearted reality show that puts a bunch of clueless kidults, who are just yet to reach their full potential, through their paces in a wilderness survival retreat to try and save them encourage them to stand on their own two feet. The back-to-basics camp is a rude awakening to how spoiled her life has been. At stake is a transforming cash prize for the lucky winner. There’s no running water, no parents waiting for them, and most importantly, no WiFi. But by connecting with nature, they will learn to graduate as fully functioning adults.”

Who are the contestants in “Snowflake Mountain”?

The following contestants have been confirmed for the reality show.


24-year-old Brooklyn chaos queen Deandra has tried three times to move out of her home but has failed. She sees no need to work hard to make money. She is one of the contestants on this show.

Deandra in a still from Snowflake Mountain (Netflix)


25-year-old self-proclaimed “Disney Princess” Olivia dreams of a fairytale romance and loves all things pink. Fearing the unknown, she avoids new experiences.

Olivia in a still from Snowflake Mountain (Netflix)


Rae, 25, always lives in the present moment and does not work. She lives with her family in Kent, south-east England and is “hopeless” about adult life.

Rae in a still from Snowflake Mountain (Netflix)


20-year-old “vegan” and rebel Devon always likes to party. The Boston-born college student from New York City is secretly failing in all subjects and wants to drop out.

Devon in a still from Snowflake Mountain (Netflix)


Georgia-born, free-spirited Darriea hasn’t stayed long in a job for 25 years and has been living rent-free in her friend’s house in New York for a few months, and the “responsibility” has frozen her.

Darriea in a still from Snowflake Mountain (Netflix)


Solomon, 26, is unemployed but overall lives a luxurious lifestyle funded by his parents, spending $500 a week on his own personal hygiene.

Solomon in a still from Snowflake Mountain (Netflix)


The “confessed diva” Liam, born and raised in Warwickshire, England, lives with his grandmother and does not help her. The 21-year-old works a job but spends all his money on parties, vacations and gigs.

Liam in a still from Snowflake Mountain (Netflix)


22-year-old Carl was born in Miami and lives in Los Angeles. He is trying to make a career as a model. He currently works as a grocery delivery driver.

Carl in a still from Snowflake Mountain (Netflix)


Randy is a 23-year-old, “messy,” spoiled brat who went to medical school but gave up his medical career. He lives in Florida and aspires to be a professional wrestler.

Randy in a still from Snowflake Mountain (Netflix)


The 26-year-old, who lives in Pennsylvania with his mother, likes to take it easy. After several failed jobs, Sunny is currently unemployed and dependent on his mother.

Sunny in a still from Snowflake Mountain (Netflix)


This reality show was created and conceived by Netflix.


The trailer of the reality show ‘Snowflake Mountain’ can be viewed below:

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