Netflix’s new reality show is so bad it’s good

In proper usage, “snowflake” is a pejorative term hurled at young people deemed overly sensitive, overly emotional, and easily offended by other people’s actions. In its quest to bring everything to everyone, Netflix will launch a new reality series on Wednesday, snowflake mountainthat feels like it’s tailor-made to appeal to those culture warriors who find this type of youth extremely repugnant.

But really, “kids these days!” always seems to be a popular object of ridicule in every generation. “There’s a bunch of young people who can’t even unload a dishwasher, let alone get a job,” a snowflake mountain Voiceover explained. “And the families of these 10 snowflakes have reached breaking point. So they made their giant babies travel far, far away to friggin’ grow up.”

Of course, this series isn’t the first reality show Netflix has tried. snowflake mountainis probably in a class of its own. Because this might be one of the streamer’s few titles in the genre that has conservatives enjoying hate-watching.

snowflake mountain release date

We don’t know exactly how many episodes will be included at the moment. But we’ll find out soon enough. There snowflake mountain will be available to stream on Netflix starting tomorrow – Wednesday 22 June.

“Snowflake Mountain is a funny, warm-hearted reality show that puts a bunch of unsuspecting kidults, who aren’t yet living up to their full potential, through their paces in a wilderness survival retreat to try and get them to fend for themselves stand. ‘ explains Netflix.

“The back to basics camp is a rude awakening to how spoiled her life has been. At stake is a transforming cash prize for the lucky winner. There’s no running water, no parents waiting for them, and most importantly, no WiFi. But by connecting with nature, they will learn to graduate as fully functioning adults.”

Ratings and Response

From “terrifying nonsense” to “a made-up Netflix reality show that’s as dumb as everyone else,” here’s how snowflake mountain has been welcomed ahead of its streaming debut so far.

“I don’t watch TV” one Twitter user sneered.But when I saw a headline for this show called snowflake Mountain Where millennials have to survive alone in the wild, I think there should be a spin-off where 80-year-old boomers have to figure out how to convert to a PDF without help.”

snowflake mountain netflix
A still from the Netflix series Snowflake Mountain. Image Credit: Pete Dadds/Netflix

From Great Britain The Telegraph: A cast of spoiled, “entitled and delusional 20-year-olds are put through their paces by ex-military”. Overall, the show is “terrifying nonsense.”

The Chicago Sun Times: “So stupid, so pandering, so ridiculous.”

And finally from time Magazine: snowflake mountain “suggests an effort by Netflix to distance itself from allegations of liberal bias — or what Elon Musk, now a newly rebranded Republican, has dubbed the streamer’s ‘the’.”Wake Mind Virus — now plaguing entertainment giants as zealously apolitical as Disney.”

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