Netflix’s Love On The Spectrum skips the typical dating show drama for two specific reasons

Out of The bachelor franchise on Netflix’s recent success dating shows like love is blind, the romantic subgenre of reality TV, has sometimes been viewed by its viewers as a guilty pleasure and the center of wine nights. These shows are fun, and often not because of the actual love affairs, but because it’s so damn entertaining to watch the contestants go through the process of meeting multiple people on TV with cameras. but Love in the USA spectrum is pleasant for a completely different reason.

love in the spectrum is a dating show, but not really in the traditional sense. Dating happens, but there is no impossible deadline to get married, a random paradise for single men and women to talk in, or explosive fights. As showrunner Cian O’Clery puts it, love in the spectrum is a documentary dating series. He and the other filmmakers behind the scenes coordinate themes, but that’s the way it is not the drama.

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