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Netflix’s Keep Breathing is an important survival awareness reminder

On July 28, 2022, Netflix premiered its new limited series Keep Breathing. Created by Brendan Gall and Martin Gero, the show starring Melissa Barrera, the new lead in the Scream franchise, debuted at No. 3 before expanding the week of August 7th. “Keep Breathing” was watched for over 50 million hours in its first full week, beating out fan-favorite Virgin River (season 4) to #3 in that time slot. Both shows were filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

A look at the show
Keep Breathing is a survival drama that follows a young lawyer (Liv) whose plane crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. Liv is forced to confront the elements around her (and the demons in her mind) as she struggles to find a way out. The show alternates between the present and flashbacks, both when Liv first met her recurring love interest Danny, and when she was a child as she grappled with her mother’s neurosis. While the series started well, critics felt that it faded by the third installment and that there were too many flashbacks. However, if there’s anything to take away from the early episodes, it’s important to know basic survival tricks, like making a compass out of a needle and cork, or boiling water to purify it (both of which are things that Liv does on the show). in these times.

Survival awareness in the modern world

In 2020, there were 980 global natural disasters that caused damage, bringing total losses that year to $210 billion. Some notable natural disasters in 2020 include severe flooding in China, a powerful derecho that devastated the Midwestern United States, and widespread wildfires in northern Siberia. Natural disasters are expected to continue in the coming years as the threats of global warming and climate change increase. Because natural disasters can strike at any time and the extent of the devastation is unclear, you want to prepare for everything in as many ways as possible.

survival kits

One of the best ways to prepare is to assemble an emergency survival kit, which can include everything from non-perishable food, water, and first-aid medication to masks and batteries. It’s also important to have a dedicated tech bag in your survival kit. According to ExpressVPN’s Tech Survival Guide, some items in this section may include medical flash drives, portable cables and adapters, and flash drives for important documents. These documents can be passports, licenses, birth certificates or financial information.

Keeping financial information like bank account details on a flash drive as part of an emergency survival kit is especially important in countries prone to tropical storms and where people are more vulnerable to losing their homes and the documents they contain. For example, according to a recent Reuters article, the Philippines sends automatic payments when typhoons are expected to destroy a certain percentage (10%) of homes in at least three communities. Countries like Peru, Mongolia and Vietnam have similar structures.

survival training

Another way to prepare for natural disasters and other emergencies, like landing after a plane crash in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, is to take survival courses. Survival training can be beneficial as it uses both theoretical and physical exercises and teaches people how to find food, water and shelter in uncivilized areas. According to Mossy Oak, you can even learn several survival skills in your backyard, such as: B. Tie knots and build a shelter.

Improving our awareness of survival is one of the many ways to ensure we respond appropriately in the face of natural disasters and other threatening events. Even though Netflix’s Keep Breathing lacked storytelling and pushed the series forward, it reminded many people that the danger is out there, and when faced with it, we have no choice but to look around to deal with it, and if we do I don’t know how, we’re going to be in serious trouble.

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