Netflix’s Grendel TV show will please comic fans, Star says

EXCLUSIVE: Star Julian Black Antelope says Netflix’s Grendel TV show will delight comic book fans and shares his appreciation for starring in it.

While news of the project has mostly died down, Julian promises Black Antelope that Netflix is grendel The TV show will delight fans of the comic book. Created by Matt Wagner, the comic book series was first published by Comico in 1982 before moving to Dark Horse Comics shortly thereafter. grendel originally chronicled the story of Hunter Rose, a master criminal who frequently feuded with Argent the Wolf, only for the publication’s change to result in a full retcon when a young boy named Eddie assumed two identities, successful novelist Hunter Rose and costumed assassin Grendel .


Although there are almost four decades, an adaptation of grendel was only officially announced last September when Netflix acquired the rights to the comics for a TV show. Andrew Dabb, who recently partnered with the streaming platform for the resident Evil Series, is hired as showrunner for the project starring Abubakr Ali as Grendel, alongside Julian Black Antelope as legendary villain Argent, Jaime Ray Newman, Madeline Zima, Kevin Corrigan, Emma Ho, Erik Palladino, Brittany Allen and Andy Mientus. grendel Filming began last August and wrapped earlier this year, and now a star is offering a promising update for the show.

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While you speak exclusively to screen rant to talk about his role preyJulian Black Antelope opened up about the upcoming Netflix grendel tv show. Though Antelope is on a timeline for its arrival, Antelope teased that comics fans will be very happy with how the project adapts the source material. See what Antelope shared below:

“I was blown away, Matt Wagner’s comic has been in there somewhere since the early 80’s, 1982-83, I think. It’s put out so many different versions of Grendel, different iterations of it over the years, and it’s got this fan base I didn’t even know existed. I don’t want to say too much about it now, but I can say if you’re a Grendel Comics fan out there and are familiar with the comic, you won’t be disappointed with the series at all. And if you’re not a Grendel fan and this is your first time, I guarantee that when you check it out you won’t be disappointed at all. It has everything, I feel very blessed to be part of the project, I can say that, I don’t want to talk about it too much, I don’t know what I can and can’t say. [Chuckles]”

Grendel Hunter Rose Dark Horse Comics

Although Antelope has largely kept quiet about the details of the project, his assurances have been that the grendel The TV show will please comic fans, should come as a promising teaser for those who love the source material. While Dabb has garnered a strong following as co-showrunner for the last four seasons of supernaturalhe saw a very divisive reaction to his resident Evil Series adaptation by fans of the video games, although critics give it the highest rating of any live-action adaptation of the franchise. While his attachment to the grendel show may leave some worried resident Evilthose who enjoyed the horror series and are fans of the comics should find some hope in Dabb being at the helm.

That grendel The TV show also marks the latest collaboration between Netflix and Dark Horse Entertainment, following the partnership between the two films and television, which they recently renewed for several years. In addition to adapting Wagner’s comics, the streamer can look back on three successful seasons The Umbrella Academy while preparing for it Samurai Rabbits: The Usagi Chronicles Season 2 will be released in September and will develop film adaptations of depth, lady killer and bang!the latter of which just took a big step forward when Idris Elba signed with star and dead pool 2Directed by David Leitch. With ongoing production grendel After it concluded earlier this year, one can hope for more news on the TV show in the near future.

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