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Netflix’s brand new rom-com is delightfully heartwarming

love in the mansionthe highly anticipated romantic comedy, starring Kat Graham and Tom Hopper, finally arrived on Netflix on Thursday September 1st, 2022.

Mark Steven Johnson directed and wrote the highly engrossing rom-com film. Johnson also served as producer on the romantic comedy along with Stephanie Slack and Margret H. Huddleston. José David Montero served as cinematographer while Ryan Shore provided the music for the film.

According to Netflix, the official synopsis for love in the mansion read:

“A young woman (Kat Graham) takes a trip to romantic Verona, Italy, after a breakup, only to find the villa she reserved was double-booked and she must share her vacation with a cynical and very good-looking man Briton (Tom Hopper).”

Since love in the mansionSet in glorious Verona, Italy and which premiered on Netflix, the romantic comedy has captured viewers’ attention for its light-hearted and light-hearted storyline, intriguing cinematography and solid acting from the lead actor.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and find out how the brand new Netflix rom-com, love in the mansionturned out.

A delightful rom-com enhanced with light and soothing writing

Without a shadow of a doubt love in the mansion is the perfect fit for a lazy afternoon at home or a cozy date night. Lighthearted, charming, it will take the audience on a heartwarming and feel-good journey through the quaint streets of Verona.

Writer Mark Steven Johnson, who is also the film’s director, did a great job writing the entire rom-com in such a comforting way. Despite its comparatively chaotic beginning, the film has something very light-hearted about it.

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Johnson brilliantly wrote the two main characters, Julie and Charlie. They are written to make the audience feel like they are destined to meet and be with each other. From the outset, the film’s script appropriately prepares the viewer for the journey ahead.

The subtle but captivating scenes took the film to another level. Especially scenes like the ones where Charlie and Julie make a wish, or the ones where Charlie tries to convince Julie after Cassie’s sudden arrival, or the ones where Charlie sees Brandon proposing to Julie are absolutely captivating.

Fascinating cinematography takes the film to the next level

Cinematographer José David Montero deserves a lot of credit for providing the audience with such picturesque scenes and moments throughout the film. The film has been beautifully interwoven with captivating cinematography that takes it to the next level.

For example the scene in the vineyard as Charlie looks at Julie standing on the balcony of the castle or the sunset scene on a river in Verona or the scenes in the alluring streets of Verona are captured to make the audience feel warm and snuggly inside .

The color palettes chosen by the cameraman in love in the mansion are also very captivating and impressive. Therefore, the film’s cinematography contributes immensely to the success of the Netflix rom-com.

Promising performances by the lead actor

Kat Graham as Julie did a phenomenal job portraying the lovestruck character in the film. The lead actress dives deep into the character, perfectly showcasing all the charms, insecurities, and kindness that the character has to offer.

Graham takes on the task brilliantly and delivers in brilliant colour. She makes her character very relatable and likeable. Tom Hopper as Charlie, on the other hand, fits perfectly.

From the start, the rom-com film’s lead actor hits the right chords, bringing out all the charisma, flaws, and authenticity the character hopes to offer.

He’s incredible, especially in certain scenes including the one where Charlie hesitates to express his feelings to Julie, the one where Charlie leaves heartbroken after seeing Brandon propose to Julie and the scene with the last dinner. He successfully elevated the film.

Aside from Kat Graham as Julie and Tom Hopper as Charlie, the cast list for love in the mansion includes Laura Hopper, Raymond Ablack, Lorenzo Lazzarini, Sean Amsing, Emilio Solfrizzi and others. The other actors also portrayed their characters well in the film.

Don’t forget to catch love in the mansionwhich is currently streaming on the popular streaming platform Netflix.

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