A new Netflix film is dividing people after the film garnered poor reviews from critics but high praise from viewers.

The film, senior year, was released on Netflix in mid-May and stars Rebel Wilson as a woman who fell into a coma during her teenage years but wakes up twenty years later and wants to return to high school to be prom queen.

By using references from the late ’90s and early 2000s, the film evokes a nostalgia that will appeal to many viewers, resulting in an 84 percent viewer rating on Google.

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Critics, however, did not find the homage to an early 2000s rom-com endearing.

Rotten Tomatoes gave senior year 24 percent and Metacritic gave it 47, which fans of the film seemed to find unfair.

The film focuses on cultural differences between high schoolers in the early 2000s and high schoolers in the 2020s. While dress style and music seem to be part of the change Wilson’s character must adapt to, perhaps the most radical is the teenagers’ different attitudes.

But critics judged the easy-to-watch film harshly.

“Most of the film is a chore to get through,” said one critic ScreenRant wrote.

“Senior Year might get a passing grade for sheer energy, but for everything else it’s a failure”, a Guardian review says.

Unlike other shows like that Three Mile Island Documentary, reviews for the film didn’t start with a bang.

While critics might have thought senior year wasn’t deep enough to enjoy, the purpose of the film seems to be a nostalgic, easy-to-watch comedy that viewers say is fulfilled.

Last week Netflix revealed its top 10 movies and senior year took first place with 55.94 million hours spent watching the film.

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