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Netflix trending movies and shows on September 16, 2022

Well folks, it looks like it stranger things – one of the best TV shows on Netflix – has fallen out of the Netflix Top 10 again. The comeback of Netflix’s hit original sci-fi TV show is trending (opens in new tab) Lasted just one day and its tenth spot was usurped by a Norwegian crime drama which we have to admit looks mysteriously intriguing. To find out the title of this popular newcomer and see how some of the best movies on Netflix are doing in the ranks on Friday September 16, 2022, read on.

Lucy and Gru in Despicable Me Book 2.

(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

Top 10 Movies on Netflix in the US – September 16, 2022

Despite a less than stellar reception from fans and critics, the new crime thriller from Queen Latifah and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges end of the street is still number one in the top 10 Netflix movies in the US, but is now closely followed by Dispicable Me 2who has once again parted ways with the first film in the enduringly popular animated franchise disease‘ Relegation to third place. Stoner comedy classic Friday — which was co-written and directed by Ice Cube — is still in seventh place, but also further from its 2000 sequel, following the WWII-era sports biopic The masters rise from tenth to eighth place. Now longtime Netflix Top 10 Champion singing 2 has switched places with French love drama, No limit.

  • 1. End of the street
  • 2. I – Despicable Me 2
  • 3. Morbus
  • 4. Me – Despicable
  • 5. singing 2
  • 6. No limit
  • 7. Friday
  • 8. The master
  • 9. Me time
  • 10. Next Friday

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