Netflix sued

‘Outer Banks’ reads a lot like my book…

Stole my characters, plot!!!

Netflix jacked the characters and plot for its hit show Outer Banks straight out of a previously published book… according to the novelist now out for legal revenge.

The streaming giant is being sued jeff wilsonwho claims that there are far too many similarities between a book he wrote, Queen Anne’s Revenge, and OB for it to be mere coincidence.

According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Wilson says he published his novel in 2013, which follows 4 friends on a treasure hunt from a famous shipwreck near North Carolina’s outer shores.

Wilson says his book was even promoted by Discovery and History Channel, and he claims the creators of “OB” even confessed…

The author claims his book was heavily drawn by him…he says the main cast and their character arcs are almost identical to his novel…and he says the plot points and settings are eerily similar too.

Wilson is suing Netflix for copyright infringement … and he wants the streaming giant to give up any profits it made from infringing on his novel and an injunction preventing Netflix from distributing or promoting Outer Banks.

It is worth noting… another novelist, Kevin Wootonuntil now sued Netflix and the ‘OB’ creators, who claimed they stole his 2016 book… but the lawsuit was dismissed after a judge found insufficient similarities between the two.

We’ve reached out to Netflix about this latest suit…no word back yet.


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