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Netflix Star Clea Shearer has shared a heartbreaking update with fans after revealing she has been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, an aggressive form of breast cancer.

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She is now undergoing chemotherapy and took to social media on Thursday to share the news with fans. She admitted that she cried more and slept less in the days before.

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Clea reconciling alongside Joanna Teplin The home edit Team organizing celebrity homes shared: “Today was my first day of chemotherapy. As the day approached, I started sleeping less, worrying more, and even had a huge tantrum last night that I can only describe as a kid next in line for a giant roller coaster and screams at the last minute: “I can’t do this! Let me off!”

“No one would let me off the ride, but everyone made me cry as long as I needed to.”

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She then joked that when she was done, she “would pick herself up and take the kids for a walk and laugh at Sutton’s jokes,” adding, “There’s no better medicine than a walk and a laugh.”

Alongside a picture of herself in a lounger and hooked up to numerous machines, the mother-of-two then revealed the devastating realities of chemotherapy, sharing that she arrived at her appointment “with my chemo bag full of blankets, snacks and supplies that I’m sure.” am that it looked like we wanted to stay the week instead of four hours”.

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Clea shared the update with fans

Clea already underwent a nine-hour double mastectomy before learning the cancer had spread to one of her lymph nodes. It is now classified as a stage two cancer.

“Now I can play the very fun game: ‘Is this a side effect?’ for the next 5 months. But right now I’m just concentrating on today, and today I’m feeling pretty decent! I’ll go for the win where I can get it,” she concluded.

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