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Netflix Power Rangers reboot details have reportedly been leaked

New details on the upcoming Netflix Power Rangers Reboot may have been revealed. Courtesy of the Twitter user @ Jinsakuuand reportedly reconfirmed by The Illuminerdi, these rumored details reveal several intriguing developments in the Power Rangers Rebooting the film and television universe, including the fact that it will have the same “mature” tone as 2017 Power Rangers outing and that this new Rangers set won’t be of the Mighty Morphin’ variety.

Further details regarding Power Rangers reboot reveal that the same creative team will be behind the proposed film and TV show, with the latter drawing heavily on other Netflix releases and their serialized approach. Less fighting between the Zords, major influences from Japan and his own longtime Japanese Power Rangers counterpart, super sentaiare also expected, with this new group of Power Rangers seemingly forging something new while paying homage to what came before.


Since its debut in the early 1990s, the Power Rangers have a wide variety of series, spin-offs and toy lines, with superhero martial arts still popular today. The last audience saw the title team in 2017 Power Rangerswhich, like so much in the franchise, follows a group of ordinary teenagers who must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove – and the world – is on the verge of being wiped out by an alien threat.

The property’s Lionsgate-led reboot struggled to haul that Power Rangers into the modern world, with mixed results. While there were big plans for the film, with the studio reportedly aiming for six or seven sequels, Power Rangers was met with mixed reviews and a lackluster box office, leaving fans wondering what the studio would do with the property. No doubt staying with the same tone as the latest offering will come as a surprise and maybe even a disappointment to some.

The new Power Rangers are coming to Netflix

Messages from A Power Rangers Reboot Universe first broke back in November 2021, with director Jonathan Entwistle taking to social media to say, “I think the cat is out of the bag! The new Power Rangers universe is coming to Netflix.”

The filmmaker, who has previously worked with Netflix, is among others The end of the damn world and I do not agree has since offered more details on its plans for the reboot. “The new Power Rangers Show that @jennydelherpes and I are working on is an integral part of the new Cinematic Universe. Can’t wait to share more information with everyone soon! Maybe some familiar faces… in a brand new universe…”

EOne’s Michael Lombardo has also revealed details on how far and wide they plan to spread the Power Rangers universe, saying: “Since we started Power Rangers with Jonathan, we’ve really taken a global approach. It’s not just a show, it’s shows followed by movies, a few programs for kids. We’ve found a great writing partner for him, it’s their turn. Knock on wood, Netflix is ​​excited, we’re excited, we hope to have news soon.”

details of the next Power Rangers The film currently remains under wraps, although rumors have claimed it will involve time travel to explore the franchise’s past before embarking on his own adventures. Watch this room.

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