Charite is leaving Netflix in June 2022

Charité is leaving Netflix

Netflix is ​​about to lose all three seasons of charity and its sequel miniseries Charity in the War in June 2022 across the globe pending renewal of its rights.

The critically acclaimed German-language series has had a bumpy life on Netflix as most regions never saw the full library of episodes available, so let’s break it down.

charity and Charity in the War consist of four seasons (although Netflix only has two). Created by Dorothee Schön, the medical period drama series is set over the course of several decades and details medical practices that have changed over time.

Although labeled as a Netflix Original, Netflix doesn’t actually own the rights to the series. It was first broadcast on German broadcaster Das Erste and is distributed by MIA Film and UFA Fiction.

Netflix licensed the first season of Charité on April 19, 2018. Here’s what you can expect from this series, which consists of 6 episodes:

“In 1888, at the Berlin Charité, Ida finds love, a way to her dream job and an insight into cures for tuberculosis and diphtheria.”

Netflix then licensed Charité at War on June 14, 2019. Here’s what you can expect from this series, which also consists of 6 episodes:

“In 1943, the employees of the Berlin Charité fight against the effects of the Second World War and the Nazi regime, including eugenic healing practices.”

However, Netflix failed to license either the second or third seasons charity. The second season aired just before the miniseries between February and March 2019 and the final third season aired in January 2021.

Any hope of Netflix acquiring the rights to these later seasons now seems lost as both the main series and mini-series are showing distance data.

Last day to watch Charite Netflix

Last note of the day displayed on the Charite

Anyone who follows What’s on Netflix knows that a number of high-profile Netflix originals have gone and will continue to do so for years to come. This ultimately depends on who owns the content on the Netflix service and how long their licenses on the service last.

Should you watch these shows before they go even though Netflix doesn’t have the full library of episodes? reviewed both seasons available on Netflix and in both cases argued that you should “stream” it.

Now it’s worth noting that Netflix Germany actually streams all three seasons of the main show as well as the limited series. Distance Dates aren’t currently appearing on Netflix Germany.

Will you see Charité and Charité at War before they leave in June 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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