Netflix is ​​rolling out a “Mystery Box” feature to help kids watch something new. All parents of young children just breathed a sigh of relief. Comfort shows have become a normal part of the streaming landscape. But kids can have trouble breaking out of their favorite programs to try other cartoons. Mystery Box helps younger viewers discover other Netflix Kids content by asking them to randomly select a show. As with most content curators at Netflix, individual viewers only have their personalized results inserted into the Mystery Box content. From there, fans are encouraged to take a peek at what’s inside. It’s not mandatory and more of a nudge to expand your viewing habits. (Netflix may have inadvertently made life rafts of sorts for parents who are tired of watching Boss Baby for three weeks.) Check out what TJ Marston, Netflix director of product innovation for kids and family, had to say.

“As a parent and uncle, I know that every child and family is unique, which is why at Netflix we are committed to creating an engaging and tailored experience to connect children to the stories that shape their world,” Marston said. “We hope kids will love the surprise and joy of unveiling the next show or movie recommended for them.”

“Kids are drawn to what they love — their favorite toys, food, songs — and it’s hard to get them to try something new,” he added. “That’s why today we’re launching a new Mystery Box feature on TVs around the world to give kids a fun and safe place to discover their next favorite series and movies, or reconnect with a familiar face — be.” whether it’s a comedy series in a beloved franchise like Boss Baby: Back In The Crib, or an animated adventure film with a whole new cast of lovable characters like Back to the Outback.”

The company also recently launched a print magazine for younger viewers. “It’s an actual, physical magazine that your kids can hold in their hands – full of games, stories, activities – everything you need to share the fun of your child’s favorite characters on Netflix,” Netflix wrote. “We worked closely with a preschool development expert to create a fun catalog of activities tailored specifically for this age group. We hope the magazine offers new ways to share the fun of your child’s favorite series and characters on Netflix.”

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