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Netflix just canceled 4 more projects

Netflix continues to hammer several of its shows. diversity reports that Netflix has canceled four shows, including a project by Ava DuVernay. The streaming service has canceled a number of projects in recent weeks and even ended Meghan Markle’s animated series pearl among several others.

Corresponding diversityNetflix has canceled several animated shows, including DuVernay’s wings of fire. meeting noticed that wings of fire has been in development with Netflix since 2020. You canceled too Anti Racist Babya row and Best regards from the kindergarten, a film. Both projects were aimed at a younger audience. The streaming service has also been discontinued Stamped: racism, anti-racism and youa documentary intended as a companion Shaped from the start. However, Shaped from the starta hybrid documentary and screenplay project, continues to be advanced with Netflix.

Christa Starr, wings of fireExecutive Producer of open about the show’s cancellation on twitter. She wrote it was “a shock” to hear the news, adding, “We had a team of rock stars who did a great job. We really loved everything about this show and are so grateful to everyone who believed in us.” A fan then asked if there was even a chance wings of fire could find another home to which she replied that it is not impossible. Starr went on to say that “it would be a shame if all this beautiful work went to waste.”

diversity Heard from sources at Netflix, who have stressed that these recent cancellations were creative decisions. In other words, those shows would have been canceled even if the company hadn’t seen slower revenue growth. As previously mentioned, these decisions come after Netflix canceled a number of other animated projects, including one by the Duchess of Sussex herself. It was reported in early May that Netflix would not be moving forward with Markle’s animated series Pearl.

The series was meant to follow a 12-year-old girl who draws inspiration from various historical figures. pearlwhich was a working title would have been the first animated series for Markle and Prince Harry’s Archewell Productions, the company they started at Netflix in fall 2020. Although her animated series has been shelved, Netflix is ​​still expected to move forward with her other project, House of Invictus.

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