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Netflix brings a surprise 11th “Sandman” episode two weeks later

Now that’s a strange one. When fans noticed that clips from what appeared to be unaired stories from The Sandman had leaked online, they wondered if we’d be getting some sort of Sandman Christmas special, or if we’d just be seeing snippets from Season 2 too soon.

It turns out neither of them were quite right, and now those clips are online in the form of a final episode, which comprises two standalone stories and will air two weeks after the show’s first premiere.

The eleventh episode, Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calliope, is now online, with Netflix marking the thumbnail with a “New Episode” notification, which I’m sure I’ve never seen in this context.

These are two comic-based stories that appear to have been filmed as part of the first season, but they couldn’t figure out exactly how to fit the 30-minute stories into the overall structure of the season, so they just made them their own thing.

A Dream of a Thousand Cats is animated, a story about a cat telling how they met the Dream Lord and features voices from James McAvoy, Sandra Oh and even Neil Gaiman himself.

Calliope plays Doctor Who’s Arthur Darville and is about a writer who enslaves Calliope to create better creative works. You can kinda see why these episodes weren’t included in the base show as they just feel too separate from everything else. there was some standalone episodes in the first season, like the 24/7 dinner episode, but they were still pretty much tied into the overall storyline.

I have to assume that the decision was made to air this 11th episode two weeks later so the show could end with episode 10 with a true “finale” note, as I see it’s confusing when the last one instead episode was an animated cat adventure and something with a Doctor Who actor. It makes sense why they did it that way.

It also underscores how unique Sandman is as a property, as the whole of season 1 brought these slightly different arcs together into a cohesive whole. We still haven’t received an official Season 2 announcement, but I still believe it’s coming based on the show’s performance so far. It was #1 for the entire first week and has been consistently #2 since after Never Have I Ever.

So, another Sandman, even if you’ve already finished Season 1. I’ll be watching today and reporting how this standalone episode feels compared to the others.

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