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Netflix Announces Wednesday Release Date

Netflix has finally announced the release date of the highly anticipated series. The upcoming series, in which Jenna Ortega plays the legendary character of the Addams Family, premieres on Wednesday, November 23rd.

In the eight-episode Netflix drama, Wednesday tries to master her nascent psychic abilities, foil a monstrous rampage that has been terrorizing the city, and solve the supernatural mystery that implicated her parents 25 years ago, all while simultaneously… navigating her new and very tangled relationships at Nevermore.

In layman’s terms, The Addams Family first hit television in 1991. The American supernatural dark comedy based on the characters from the cartoon. The film focuses on a bizarre, macabre, aristocratic family reconnecting with what they believe to be a long-lost relative, Gomez’s brother, Fester Addams, who is actually the adopted son of a loan shark who intends to take the Addams clan out of his expanse to cheat wealth and fortune.

As part of Friday’s premiere date announcement, Ortega shared a glimpse into her version of the beloved heroine. “Wednesday is currently a teenager and we’ve never seen her as a teenager. Her scathing, snide remarks might not sound all that charming coming from someone who probably should know better than a 10-year-old girl. It was a balancing act,” the actress said in a statement released through Netflix.

She added, “We didn’t want to make her sound like any other teenage girl, but we didn’t want to make her too ignorant either.” “And we’ve never seen her on screen that much,” Ortega noted. “Every other time you’ve watched Wednesday, she was the one-liner, the end of a joke, she always hits it and I think that’s what people really love about her. But on this show, every scene is Wednesday.”

Ortega also shared, “There’s an opportunity to give her a little bit more dimension and she becomes a little bit more of a real person, which I don’t think we’ve seen before.” Meanwhile, the streaming giant revealed during a first-look teaser from Netflix’s virtual Tudum presentation on Wednesday, offering a fascinating glimpse into the world that awaits.

In the clip, Wednesday (Ortega) talks to Thing after realizing her parents sent it to their room to “spy” on her. “Just the fact that they thought I wouldn’t find out just goes to show how much they underestimate me,” she scolds, telling Thing that they’re not concerned about her welfare, they want to control her from afar.

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Photo Credit: Official Netflix YouTube Channel

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