Welcome to the kitchen stadium! A veritable pantheon of culinary greats has appeared before us to defend these hallowed halls against countless competitors of all kinds of culinary inspiration. These Iron Chefs have maintained a legacy of integrity and the highest level of competition.

With Netflix announces a new program entitled Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend, five new Iron Chefs have joined this legendary pantheon of chefs to defend Kitchen Stadium against new challengers. These Iron Chefs have now been identified in a new article in PEOPLE Magazine. These five new Iron Chefs are Curtis Stone, Marcus Samuelsson, Gabriela Camara, Dominique Crenn and Ming Tsai.


Curtis Stone has earned a Michelin star and has previously appeared on the Food Network, where he hosted the show Kitchen Casino. He lost to Iron Chef Bobby Flay in his only fight at Kitchen Stadium.

Marcus Samuelsson is a longtime member of the Food Network family and serves as a longtime judge on the show Chopped. He lost to Iron Chef Bobby Flay in his only fight at Kitchen Stadium. He appeared in season 6 of The next iron cookwho finished 6th in his season.

Gabriela Camara is a cookbook author and the only one of the new Iron Chefs who hasn’t seen a fight at Kitchen Stadium.

Dominique Crenn is the first woman in the United States to receive 3 Michelin stars. She competed at Kitchen Stadium, defeating Iron Chef Michael Symon.

Ming Tsai is probably the best known of the new Iron Chefs. Tsai, an Emmy-winning television chef, hosted the shows The east meets the west and Simply mining. Tsai has previously competed at Kitchen Stadium and defeated Iron Chef Bobby Flay in Battle Duck. He also took part in Season 3 of Next iron cookThird, behind Marco Canora and Season 3 winner Iron Chef Marco Canora.

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend Is a twist on Iron Cook America

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend is the latest version of Iron Cook in the United States. not how Iron Cook Americathat were battles in their own right, Search for an iron legend is an eight-episode series in which the most successful challenger from the first seven episodes returns to try to become the first-ever Iron Legend.

return from Iron Cook America is Marc Dacascos, the chairman, who has been chairman since the beginning Iron Cook America. The Dacascos chairman was introduced as the nephew of chairman Takeshi Kaga from the Japanese version of Iron Cook.

Also back is Alton Brown, who served as commentator for Iron Cook America From the beginning. He is connected on comment from top chef Season 10 winner Kristen Kish.

Andrew Zimmer and Nilou Motamed will serve as permanent judges with a rotating cast of guest judges. Guest judges include Wolfgang Puck, Masaharu Morimoto, Nancy Silverton, Francis Lam, Justin Willman and Lorena Garcia. In addition to culinary legends, comedians and actors will also take the jury table, from Loni Love to Danny Trejo.

Iron Cook: Quest for the Iron Legend Premieres June 15 on Netflix.

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Netflix is ​​cooking up the Iron Chef reboot series

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