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Netflix Animated Series Oddballs: Coming to Netflix in October 2022

Animated series Oddballs Season 1 will be released on Netflix in October 2022

Netflix is ​​coming in October 2022 with Netflix’s brand new animated comedy series. crackhead. Created by TheOdd1sOut’s James Rallinson, the YouTuber will produce and star in the series as himself! Here’s everything we know so far crackhead Season 1 on Netflix.

crackhead is an upcoming Netflix Original animated series created by James Rallinson and Ethan Banville. The art behind the animation is inspired by Rallinson’s hugely popular YouTube channel, TheOdd1sOut, which has over 18 million subscribers at the time of writing.

Rallison and Banville will serve as executive producers on the series, alongside Carl Faruolo and Michael Zoumas. Netflix Animation, in partnership with Atomic Cartoons, are the production companies behind it crackhead.

When is the crackhead Netflix release date?

Netflix has confirmed that crackhead will land on Netflix worldwide October 7, 2022.

There are also some first look images to go with the release trailer.

What is the plot of crackhead?

The summary for crackhead was provided by Netflix:

Oddballs follows James, a bubble-shaped boy whose observations of life fuel his comedic tirades about everyday annoyances and elevate them to ridiculously absurd heights. Along with his best friends Max (a talking crocodile) and Echo (a girl who claims to be from the future), James’ ridiculous schemes to challenge norms often end in disaster

Animated series Oddballs Season 1 James Rallinson

Who are the cast of crackhead?

James Rallison, YouTuber, producer and YouTube star will play his part crackhead.

Oddballs cast James Rallison himself on Netflix

James Rallison (left) plays himself (right) in Oddballs

Julian Gant takes on the role of Max. Gant recently got his big break thanks to his role as Carter on the FOX series call me cat. He has also starred in two previous Netflix Originals, Delete encountersand in a series of fuller house.

Oddballs cast Juliant Gant Max Netflix

Julian Gant (left) plays the role of Max (right)

Kimberly Brooks is an extremely talented voice actress who has provided the voice for many animated roles in series, films and video games since the 90’s. She is the voice of Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon in the DC video games, she was the voice of Alura in the Netflix original series Voltron: Legendary Defender, and more! In Oddballs, Brooks is the voice of Echo.

Oddballs throw Kimberly Brooks Echo Netflix

Kimberly Brooks (left) plays the role of Echo (right)

Below is the full cast of crackhead:

  • James Rallison as himself
  • Julian Grant as Max
  • Kimberly Brooks as Echo
  • Gary Anthony Williams as Mr McFly
  • Carl Faruolo as Stuart

will you watch crackhead on netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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