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Neeko can now transform into towers in League of Legends

League of Legends is well known in the community for its bugs and errors, and fans often taunt Riot Games for putting the game on “Spaghetti Code.“While some of these issues are harmless, some of them change the outcome of the game and are considered game-changing. League of Legends resident bug catcher Vandiril and several other League content creators have now shed light on a new Neeko bug that allows her to transform into turrets and jungle camps. According to the videos posted on social media, this Neeko bug allows her to hit enemies with one shot and ruins the integrity of the games.

New Neeko bug in League of Legends

Neeko’s ability kit allows her to transform into other champions on her team thanks to her passive. The following is Neeko’s passive:

Inherent Glamour: Neeko can look like an allied champion. Taking damage from enemy champions or casting damaging spells breaks stealth.

However, this new Neeko bug allows her to transform into towers, nexus, and even jungle camps like the Dire Wolves.

According to youtuber and streamer HappyChimeNoises, when Neeko transforms into a turret, she can hit enemies and enemy structures with one shot.

In a video further investigating this bug, Vandiril posted an OP.GG screengrab of a summoner named Swaglord Papito, who achieved wins in less than five minutes while playing Neeko with minimal items in his inventory. Vandiril’s video features clips of Neeko transforming into the Jungle Wolf and transforming back into a tower to secure kills and enemy structures in League of Legends.

One of the comments below the YouTube video read: “It took me way too long to realize it was the fountain laser [fountain turret laser beam] because the massive health bar was confusing. It’s cool that Neeko inherits the laser effect, so her passive is clearly copying more than appearances.

Visibly confused by the error, one Twitter user said: “What in Hogwarts Harry Potter is this? This is proof that my theory that you only need high school to be a Riot employee is correct.‘ In response, another user wrote: ‘I don’t think kindergarten kids can program.‘ This answer evoked a funnier one: ‘I also don’t think Riot employees know how to code.

While these videos are going viral on social media, it’s still unclear how this bug occurs and if all players would be able to recreate it in-game. Riot Games has not yet acknowledged the Neeko bug either.

Preseason is a time when Riot Games introduces new mechanics and changes to League of Legends, and there’s a chance this bug crept in during the new patch’s rollout. Meanwhile, Vandiril has also reported a bug where players are split into two teams, but with six on one side and four on the other.

In particular, Lead Champion Designer August “AugustBrowning also recently confirmed that Neeko will receive a mid-scope update early next year. Hopefully this isn’t the mid-scope update Riot Games was talking about.

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