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Multiversus added Beetlejuice and the Wicked Witch of the West

Beetlejuice is coming to MultiVersus, but Michael Keaton isn’t a Warner Bros.

Gremlins and Black Adam have been confirmed for MultiVersus, but new leaks show that the Wizard of Oz witch is also on the way.

As for Fortnite, despite a flurry of rumors, you can only use it in games that are free to play and as far as they have proven true, both are used to multiplayer.

Only recently Black Adam and Stripe, the main monster of Gremlins, were rumored and now they have both been officially confirmed. That brings us to the next rumor claiming Beetlejuice and Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz are coming into play.

The rumors are so precise that they are datamined from within the game itself. At a time when the quotes were from the Beetlejuice movie and written by Christopher Swindle who played the character in the Lego Dimensions video game.

Some of these lines are related to the Wicked Witch of the West (Asda) from Wizard of Oz and were also read by the announcer. She didn’t have anything to say before, but it was the first time you mentioned Beetle Juice.

All these leaks do not exist. There’s never any indication of when the new characters will be added, so there’s always a chance that plans will be scrapped, especially if it’s done with a license.

These characters are really starting to develop a predictable pattern, as they all exist in the Disney films Smarty and Rainthe’s the World.

No such reference would be to 1984, 1984, or The Devils (both of which were in Space Jam oddly), but Beetlejuice, Wizard of Oz, Gremlins, Doctor Who, King Kong, Jurassic Park, and The Matrix were all in at least two of those above.

As long as there is legal dispute over whether Warner still owns the Lord of the Rings license, Gandalf was rumored to be a character before the game launched last year.

At the very least, the fact that the real reason to believe that Harry Potter is the answer to the question is a big question, as some studies suggest Ted Lasso was probably more successful than The Boy Who Lived, but no one is quite sure why.

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