The YouTube king has been on a dream journey since 2022. Although MrBeast and its content have grown in popularity over the years, they have seen a significant surge since last July. Donaldson reached the 100 million mark and followed other records.

Now, adding to his recent track record, he has surpassed the total number of subscribers to Dream, the popular Minecraft creator. Although MrBeast’s main channel accomplished this feat a long time ago, it’s only recently that its official gaming channel surpassed Dream’s record.

MrBeast overtakes another popular content creator


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Jimmy Donaldson is the current face of YouTube. The content creator overtook companies like PewDiePie in 2022 to become the most subscribed person on the platform. And it seems Jimmy is continuing that momentum. Now his dedicated gaming channel is called ‘MrBeast Gaming’ has exceeded the total number of Dream subscribers.

Although Jimmy hasn’t posted anything on his gaming channel lately, the number of subscribers has increased. Currently his channel has 31.6 million subscribers while Dream has 31.5 million.

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We’re not sure if Jimmy will be posting anything for his gaming channel in the coming days, but we can expect it as the channel is experiencing massive growth. Jimmy had also climbed the TikTok leaderboards earlier this year, peaking at number five.

Fans shower love as Jimmy overtakes Dream

Ever since the news broke that he passed Dream, MrBeast fans have come in to shower him with love. They congratulated their favorite star and appreciated how he expanded his horizons even further.

Some people are inclined to the possibility that MrBeast’s incredible career is the sole source of the gaming channel gaining so many subscribers.


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A few days ago Jimmy also released a brand new video on his main channel. The cat-and-mouse pursuit with an “assassin” was well received by the community. Many praised it for the action-packed sequences, which became a huge hit. No wonder Jimmy continues to enjoy being one of the biggest stars on the YouTube platform.


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It seems like the backlash he’s received recently after his “Give 1000 people vision” video and issue of Feastables Walmart hasn’t hampered his success. His fame and popularity will probably only increase in the coming days as he has some more interesting content for the fans.

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