Part of Consequence’s Marvel Pop Culture Week, this review explores all of the ways the MCU is evoking our world’s pop culture and—more importantly in this case—creating its own.

Creature of the dark galaxy. The Shadow Warrior 2: Journey Through Time. Find Wakanda. All of these are fascinating titles for movies – the bad news is that none of them actually exist. Instead, they are films that exist only within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, along with a collection of other strictly fictional projects spanning the worlds of theatre, film and television.

Previously, as part of Marvel Pop Culture Week, we cataloged all of the “real” pop culture that MCU films and TV shows have referenced over the years. But it’s these fictional media properties that also help the MCU feel like a self-contained entity as a storytelling universe.

Much of the fictional pop culture created in the MCU may or may not be fully canon, as we’ll discuss below. Also, like our previous guides, this doesn’t include pop culture created for non-Disney+ series (sorry about that, Trish Talk and the filmography of Whitney Frost).

The key aspect of this is the fun – those who work behind the scenes of these films and TV shows clearly take great pride in creating flawless fake posters, trailers and sometimes even fully staged clips for these projects, and it’s all a joy to do appreciate their hard work. Thank you prop makers, designers and Tony-winning composers for your service.

Peter Parker’s in-flight viewing options

Spider-Man Far From Home in Flight Menu A Guide to the MCU's Fictional Movies, TV Shows and More

Spider-Man: Far From Home (Sony)

Middle: film, television
Presented by: Spider-Man: Far From Home

When Peter (Tom Holland) and his fellow students embark on an epic school trip to Europe, Peter turns on the inflight entertainment system to review the options available, including…

The snap: Thanks to the poster calling it “A Paul Greengrass Movie,” we know that in the world of the MCU, the director The Bourne Superiority and United 93 captured this seismic historical event with a feature film. And you know, if it’s a Greengrass movie, it very likely relies heavily on shaky handheld cinematography and real actors. (Gosh, that actually sounds pretty good.)

Nova: Einstein-Rosen Bridges with Dr. Eric Selvig: nova is, of course, the long-running science program that has aired on PBS since 1974; According to the official website for the show in our universe, Dr. However, Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgård) never hosts a special episode dedicated to our scientific understanding of the phenomenon that allows Thor (Chris Hemsworth) to travel from Asgard to Earth.

Heart of Iron: The Tony Stark Story: It’s hard to glean many details from this title alone, but let’s just note that it’s not the only project mentioned in this article that attempts to cover the life and times of Iron Man the Man.

Find wakanda: Probably a documentary about the recently unveiled African country. But here’s another idea – unofficial sequel to Under the Tuscan sun?

Hunting Hydra: Track down the world’s most notorious criminals: Continuing the trend of associating Hydra with Nazis, this is 1000% a title you would expect to see on the History Channel schedule, in an alternate universe where something like Hydra exists.

It’s also worth noting here that Peter’s best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) originally planned to spend the flight playing the also fictional video game beast hunter with peter Instead, he sits next to Betty (Angourie Rice), who isn’t a fan of the game – but ends up becoming Ned’s girlfriend for a short time, so everything seems to have worked out.

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