Move over Maki, Kimberly invited herself to be Guy’s new student in Street Fighter 6

Though Guy hasn’t made a playable appearance in the last 2 Street Fighter entries, his presence is still felt in the games, first through his master and now through his new apprentice.

Kimberly used to be a talented college student before finding a higher calling by inviting herself to become the next Bushinryu student under Guy in Street Fighter 6.

For some reason I thought there could only be 2 bushinryu practitioners at a time, 1 master and a student, although I suppose it’s difficult to make a full ninja clan out of just 2 people.

Kimberly may be the latest to embrace the ninja arts, but we’ve seen others outside of the 3 main practitioners including Street Fighter EX’s Kairi and Hokuto use them in their own style and even in Captain Commando via Ginzu the Ninja .

We’ve yet to see how Guy took this whole unexpected student situation, but he seems to be rolling with it now considering how much Kimberly seems to have learned already.

Since we’ve seen other Final Fight characters like Damd and Carlos Miyamoto come back for SF6’s World Tour mode, it wouldn’t be too shocking to see Guy have a cameo role there as well, giving fans a bit more could give context to what’s going on in the Bushinryu clan now and where Maki is.

Kimberly’s English voice actor is Anairis Quinones, who you may also recognize as Mirko from My Hero Academia, Goll in Record of Ragnarök, Iris in Pokémon, Yelena in Attack on Titan, Hinatsuru in Demon Slayer and other roles in games and anime.

Her Japanese voice actor is Nao Toyama, whom you may recognize as Lyria in Granblue Fantasy: Versus, Vatista in Under Night In-Birth, Trish in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, and of course many more games and animes.

Capcom is providing Kimberly as SF6’s new main heroine to fill the new protagonist roles with Luke and Jamie, so we’re very excited to see how that translates across the game.


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