“More than a joke at this point” – Fortnite Pro speaks out against cheating ruining a prestigious competitive event

The world of esports has evolved to a different level since its inception many years ago. Today there are various opportunities for aspiring gamers to showcase their talent at some of the most prestigious events. In other words, gaming has become a steady profession for those who are passionate about it. And when it comes to the world’s most prestigious competitive events right now, nothing beats Fortnite. Because this is a title that offers players endless chances to play and earn big by participating in various tournaments based on Epic’s ever-growing Battle Royale.

Recently, however, the Fortnite community has experienced an undesirable situation. In case anyone missed keeping an eye on the events, Fortnite Competitive has seen many cases of cheating and hacking in various games lately. What is alarming is that such cases have occurred during competitive games where prizes worth millions of dollars were at stake. And since there is no real limitation, many cheaters have been able to win against regular players through unfair means.

Fortnite pro Lachlan is upset with the game’s lack of action against cheaters


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Lachlan, a professional player for Australian esports team PWR, recently took to Twitter to share his thoughts on escalating cheating in Epic’s Battle Royale. Especially when it comes to the competitive side of the game.

He dropped a short clip of an anonymous player who was seen competing against others in a high-level tournament. As seen in the video, the player, who is said to be a cheater, shoots through trees from a distance.


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Lachlan mentioned in his tweet that such instances of blatant cheating ruin the competitive aspect of Fortnite. And that there is nothing others can do about the situation. “Obvious cheaters win and ruin another competitive event in OCE, this is a joke at this point” he wrote. It will be interesting to see how the creators of the battle royale will deal with this whole situation.


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Without a doubt, stopping cheating is very important for both tournaments and regular games. Hopefully the community will get some good news sooner than later.

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