Mom asks if 11 is too young to be left home alone after co-parenting conflicts

A mother of an 11-year-old boy took to the Reddit forum r/Parenting to ask if her son is too young to stay home alone after having a co-parenting conflict with her ex.

The mother explained that she shares custody of her son 50/50 with his father. Her son spends a week with her and the next week lives in his father’s house.

She reported that her son told her that when he was with his father he would stay home alone.

“He said it was only a few minutes at a time, but I didn’t quite believe it,” the mother explained.

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After the last delivery she asked his father if he would let her son stay at home alone.

The father confirmed that he leaves her son alone on days when he is not at school as his girlfriend no longer works from home.

He told the mother her son is left alone for eight hours even though his girlfriend “comes halfway home to check on him”.

The father gave the little boy a phone “so he can contact her if anything comes up.”

The mother said she was not comfortable with her ex-husband’s decision to let her 11-year-old stay home alone during the day.

“I feel like he’s way too young to be home alone for 8 hours,” she remarked.


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