Minecraft players share their thoughts on new armor customizations

Minecraft announced yesterday that a new feature is coming to the 1.20 update. Armor ornaments are added to the game, effectively allowing players to customize the look of their gear and make it their own.

The addition will be trendy, as one player found out after asking what everyone thinks about it. Here are a few responses from players.

Minecraft players are excited about the new armor trim update

Redditor u/minecraftsuperpro asked the community what they think of the newly announced update and most players love it.

One commenter believes the update will make normal armor pale in comparison. Even when the armor is enchanted, it’s pretty simple in design.

The New Armor Disguise (Image via Mojang)
The New Armor Disguise (Image via Mojang)

This change allows for more creativity and flair, and can make old armor look a lot more boring, which isn’t a bad thing.

One player said that this armor update was something they never thought of. Now that it has been announced, it is an incredibly exciting feature that has them waiting for the 1.20 update to finally be released.

The number of combinations might be too much for some players, especially since Netherite armor is so hard to come by. Still, this update is a welcome addition.

Emerald Armor is something the Mojang community has been asking for for a long time. This update doesn’t definitively introduce it to the game, but players will notice a resemblance between the new armor and the Emerald Armor.

A player believes that the next step is to introduce this feature to Elytras. The more customization options there are in this game, the better.

In one scenario, this update would allow Netherite-heavy players to show off the incredible amount of the rarest resources they have.

Many players would like generated armor to have these impressive decorations. This change would liven up the game a bit and probably wouldn’t be too difficult to make.

One player just rejoices that copper added in update 1.17 finally has more utility. Previously, it could only be used to craft less spectacular things.

Another Minecraft player believes this is an idea that Mojang should embrace and run with.

One player said this reminds them of Minecraft Story Mode.

This update is for aesthetics only. However, one commenter has already come up with a practical use for the new addition.

Another player noticed the same idea but didn’t seem to care. They’re all involved in the seemingly irrelevant change that Mojang will introduce in Minecraft 1.20.

Using other items on trims could be a great idea for the game. Glowing armor, as this Redditor pointed out, would be excellent.

This commenter summarized most players’ feelings in one line.

The 1.20 update has a few fun additions, but has been largely disappointing so far. With plenty of time left for the introduction of new changes, this armor loadout update is a big step in the right direction.

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