The creative sandbox Minecraft has become a global sensation since its release just over a decade ago. And with the recent release of Minecraft Legend, the game has grown into a huge base of creative players who use the freedom the game affords to spark their incredibly creative minds.

Replica of the Gerudo Desert from Breath of the Wild in Minecraft. (Image credit: Grazzy/ Xbox Game Studios)

One creative gamer who has tapped into Minecraft’s unlimited creative horizons is Grazzy, a popular YouTube personality known for her stunning Minecraft builds. The YouTube character recently shared his amazing recreation of the Gerudo Desert from the popular game Breath of the Wild with a Minecraft subreddit, leaving fans of both games in awe.

Microsoft’s creative title is known for allowing players to build anything they can imagine, and Grazzy has taken that to a whole new level with his Breath of the Wild tribute. As a fun way to advance the highly anticipated release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the popular Youtuber is trying to build as many locations as possible in Breath of the Wild before the sequel goes live later in May.

The Gerudo desert model contains several locations that can be found in the game’s desert area, such as Gerudo Town and the South Lomei Labyrinth.

The ultimate dedication and sheer talent it takes to create such amazing work in Minecraft is remarkable, and Grazzy’s Breath of the Wild tribute is a clear testament to that.

The attention to detail in the recreated desert is mesmerizing, and fans of the game have been singing the comments section of the Reddit post praising how good Grazzy’s build is. It’s not the first stunning Zelda build Grazzy has made, but it undoubtedly added an incredible feather to his crown.

Xbox Game Studio’s Minecraft has always been a shrine to creative building, and it’s amazing to see the different creations players can come up with. From real-life memorials and memorials to iconic pop culture locations, the horizon is endless.

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The creative freedom of cubic worlds allows players to create, recreate, and build at will, and that’s why it’s still one of the most popular sandbox games out there.

It’s inspiring to see how one game is able to appeal to so many different types of gamers, proving just what a special game Minecraft really is. The title encourages creativity and imagination, and it’s amazing to see what players can come up with when given the tools to do so. Grazzy’s incredible tribute to Breath of the Wild is just one example of the amazing things players can create in the world of Cube and Nether.


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