Minecraft Legends Gets An Official Release Date; Check out the details here!

Minecraft Legends Release Date Announced

Mojang just announced the release date of Minecraft Legends along with all the platforms the game will launch on. This is the second spin-off of the original Minecraft title and brings real-time action-strategy gameplay to its overworld. Read on to find out the Minecraft Legends release date and if your platform supports it.

Minecraft Legends will be released in April 2023

Mojang, the developers behind the Minecraft franchise, announced during the Xbox Developer Direct 2023 event that Minecraft Legends will do so Released on April 18, 2023. It will be released simultaneously on the following platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S.

In addition, similar to other variants of Minecraft, this Blocky World adventure will also be available in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Check out the official gameplay trailer here:

The game’s plot and other key gameplay details have already been revealed. Minecraft Legends takes place in one utopian version of the regular overworld of minecraft. There all hostile and passive Minecraft mobs live in complete harmony. But then a nether portal opens and this peace becomes a rarity. Now mobs from the Nether dimension will spawn in random locations and try to destroy the overworld and its inhabitants.

You as the player must join forces with the mobs of the overworld and fight against these nether-dwellers. There are tons of new golems, battle mobs, and amazing weapons to help your enterprise. However, given the resources your enemies have at their disposal, it all comes down to strategy. You can read our dedicated Minecraft Legends guide to continue exploring and planning before even launching the game.

Preorder Minecraft Legends

If you want to be one of the first players to get your hands on this new title, we recommend pre-ordering Mineraft Legends on their official website (here). The option is available for all compatible platforms.

How much will Minecraft Legends cost?

According to the pre-order prices, Minecraft Legends costs $39.99 on Xbox, Windows, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. However, remember that Xbox and Windows users can enjoy Minecraft Legends for free with GamePass, which costs just $1 for the first month.

Excited to try this new Minecraft game with just a few weeks to wait? Or are you more interested in the Minecraft Legends mobs that might one day come to the main game? Tell us in the comments below!


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