Millie Bobby Brown has been stalked by a “superfan” who lied to security to get onto her latest film set, a court has heard.

Brown, 18, directed the upcoming movie maid – slated for release next year – in London when Dalian Martin, 26, reportedly made his way stranger things Star.

Police were called to the set following Martin’s invasion and the person’s reasons for wanting to contact Brown are “unknown”.

Papers from Martin’s recent hearing at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, seen by the Sun, read: “Martin has twice visited film locations attended by high profile actress Brown to film for Netflix and a live podcast.

“Martin provided false information to security personnel at each venue in an attempt to gain access to the venues and contact Brown for unknown reasons.”

Millie Bobby Brown has been stalked by a
Millie Bobby Brown has been stalked by a “super fan”. Credit: Alamy

On May 16, Martin was charged with “acts related to stalking” and issued a temporary restraining order from stalking, preventing him from contacting Brown or her family.

He is also not allowed to visit places where the star might be. Martin also can’t take pictures – still or moving – of Brown.

He has been instructed not to wait for or follow her, and police must be informed of any devices in his possession that allow him access to the internet.

Passwords for his social media accounts, which the outlet said have since been deleted, must also be turned over to law enforcement.

The person's reasons for wanting to contact Brown are
The person’s reasons for wanting to contact Brown are “unknown”. Credit: Alamy

Martin is scheduled to appear in court again on July 7 and in the meantime, if he fails to comply with any of the above orders, he could face jail time.

LADbible has reached out to Brown’s rep for comment.

Brown rose to fame on Netflix stranger things, The fourth season has just come out.

In a recent interview promoting the latest installment in the series, Brown joked that she’d like the producers to “kill people” because the cast is getting too big.

Share your hopes for the fifth season of stranger things — filming has yet to begin and will be the show’s final season — Brown told The Wrap, ‘You’ve got to start killing people. We must have the mindset game of Thrones. Kill me!

“They tried to kill David [Harbour] away and they brought him back!”

Co-star Noah Schnapp reiterated her point, saying, “One of us is going to die. Or more. The cast is so big.”

Brown added, “I’m afraid to say anything I want because it always turns into ‘Millie Bobby Brown wants this action.’

“I just want to say that I have faith in the Duffer brothers and their creative process.”

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