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Microsoft implies that Elder Scrolls 6 Xbox will be exclusive to Regulator

We might as well assume that Bethesda’s next Elder Scrolls isn’t coming to PlayStation.

Microsoft has proposed to the UK CMA regulator to do so The Elder Scrolls 6 exclusive to Xbox.

The Elder Scrolls 6

While it’s a huge revelation for fans of the franchise and certainly of interest to the industry at large, it’s just a supplementary detail to the CMA’s investigation into whether they will approve Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Microsoft makes that implication in a small portion of its 111-page document arguing its case before the CMA. In this section, they explain that they rate their various games based on how many players they expect to play, and this subsequently determines whether they will bring the game to platforms outside of their own.

For games like Fallout 76 and psychonauts 2, Microsoft believes they have a niche audience, AKA a very small community. These games should be cross-platform so that they can make as much money from them as possible.

games like Minecraft and call of Duty are considered mass market. Microsoft recognizes that they have huge online communities that even grow beyond the game itself in terms of the out-of-game social networks, the merch opportunities, etc. These games are also best cross-platform to use as much as possible reach from this mass market.

On the other hand, Microsoft sees new IPs and games with unsafe audiences in a whole different category. Both starfield and redfall were made Xbox exclusives because Microsoft believes they best appeal to dedicated gamers, such as B. their loyal Xbox player base. These are usually single player games.

Now Microsoft made this statement The Elder Scrolls 6:

“Titles like Elder Scrolls VI (which isn’t expected to release before then [redacted] with the last part of the series being released in 2011), as well as other future titles, Microsoft will not lead to approx USD [redacted] per year revenue from PlayStation customers or disenfranchisement of approx. [redacted] million MAU on PlayStation.”

The argument here is that The Elder Scrolls 6 belongs in the middle category, which best appeals to dedicated gamers. There may be money to bring the game to PlayStation or other platforms, even Nintendo’s. However, Microsoft sees that they could benefit more from it The Elder Scrolls 6 exclusive as it is best used to boost sales of their Xbox consoles.

Interestingly, Phil Spencer himself said the same thing in an interview almost a year ago. Phil argues that exclusivity isn’t about punishing PlayStation fans, but making some games specifically for Xbox is the only way they can show off the best of what Xbox can do.

Even back then we realized that Phil was just confirming that The Elder Scrolls 6 is Xbox exclusive. Now it seems we can just assume that will most certainly be the case as they are only close to an official announcement.

Source: The Gamer

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